In the classification of occupations the job of a salesperson is of type "man-Man". The main difficulty of such activities lies in the unpredictability of human behavior. To the sellers it is in the first place, because if the teacher at least knows what to expect from a particular disciple, the seller was constantly communicating with strangers. And if the buyer can find justice for the ill-mannered seller, the seller when faced with a buyer-ham almost powerless. He is bound hand and foot by the rule "the customer is always right" and risk losing my job.

Random rudeness

Not all buyers that offend the sellers, this behavior is habitual. It could be a random failure caused by poor health, a nervous breakdown (for example, neurasthenia or depression). The reason may be fatigue, especially if the person came into the store after work but still stood in line.

The correct tactic in this case is to respond with politeness to rudeness. Accidentally broken the man will be ashamed of their behavior. Maybe he'll even apologize to the seller, and if not apologize, at least, the conflict will be settled.

Habitual rudeness

If the tactics described above do not bear fruit, then the seller is faced with a "professional" brawler. In the people such people are called "energy" or "psychological vampires", they increase their self-esteem by humiliating others. Especially often this sin retired, once occupied positions of leadership.

The main goal of this CAD – to see yourself as a victim, evoking a retaliatory rudeness. To succumb to such provocation is impossible. It will be harder than in the first case. The best that can be done by the seller, is to listen in silence such a person, occasionally inserting meaningless phrases: "You're absolutely right", "strongly agree".

If during the conversation there are other buyers, you can remind the kicker is that these people are waiting for their turn. Such attention will attract the witnesses on the side of the victim, some people can even stand up for the seller in this situation.

If the "indictment" of the buyer delayed, it is possible to offer him a civilized resolution of the conflict, for example, to call the head. It is better to call instead of going to his office – even the conversation with the head held in front of witnesses. Certainly there are people who will say: "This lady is herself a scandal".

The seeming rudeness

Any seller from time to time meets with rude buyers. But if he is sure that he is absolutely rude to all customers, it might not be in clients and in perception. It so happens that even a polite expression of dissatisfaction by the client is perceived by the seller as an insult.

If such a negative attitude in the attitude of buyers accompanied by headaches, sleep disturbances, constant fatigue, there is reason to suspect a syndrome of emotional burnout. With this disorder often face those who work with people. In this case, it is useful to consult a psychologist or psychotherapist.