You will need
  • - "continuity";
  • - screwdrivers;
  • knife;
  • - nail file.
Inspect the iron with the side where the cord goes. Locate the screws located on the back cover. Remove the bolts using a suitable screwdriver and remove the cover.
Check power cord and make sure that there are no fractures. Carefully inspect the cord in places of its exit from the plug and the body of the iron. Make sure the cord with "continuity". If the wire is not normal, shorten it to 10-15 centimeters - usually this is enough to resolve the problem. Again, test and reinstall.
Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and sketch schematically the connection order of the wires - it will come in handy when assembling the unit.
Remove the temperature control knob. To do this, take a knife, slide it under the handle and lift it up.
Inspect the iron and locate the screws securing the housing to the sole. Usually they are hidden under the filters, decorative caps or cover water containers. The location of the screws depends on the model of Bosch iron. Remove the bolts with a screwdriver. Remove the housing of the iron.
Check the temperature controller. It is necessary to rotate the control rod first to the left, then to the far right. If the rod turns too tight, use pliers.
Connect the "file transfer" for contacts by spinning the control rod, verify that the electrical network. If necessary, clean the contacts of iron with a nail file or sandpaper.
Plug the wire "continuity" to the thermal fuse and test it. If the bulb does not light, remove the thermal switch and short circuit the electrical circuit in the place of its installation.
If the electric cord, temperature controller and thermal fuse are OK, then blown ten. The heating element of the iron Bosch zavalova in the sole and, unfortunately, cannot be repaired at home.