Artificial feeding kotyachi baby

If the kitten got a new home in the age of the baby, the food must be organized 6 times a day. If he can suck from a bottle, then it will fit cow or goat milk mixed with raw egg yolk. Great food for cat baby can be a special dry mix for kittens, which are a substitute for mother's milk and sold in specialty pet stores. One-month-old kitten lure with liquid cheese, chopped beef or chicken.

When the kitten turns a month and a half, the owner is desirable to determine the future power system pet. During the year since the birth animal is the kitten, and his diet during this period must be well-formed.

Kinds of feed for kittens

All food for kittens is divided into feed, industrial and home cooking. Industrial types include canned food (canned food for kittens and dry food ready. Feeding natural pet food called homemade food. There are still mixed (combined) breastfeeding, but it least preferable. Here you can easily upset the balance between proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals.

Industrial food for kittens

What to feed a pet, determines the owner. But the best food for a kitten living in busy people and it canned or ready-mixed mortars. Such food is cheap you will not name, but it takes much less time. This is because the diet of the kitten must be present L-carnitine, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. In addition, in the body of a kitten should go microelements and a number of vitamins. All the above elements in an optimally balanced way is contained in the feed for kittens brand "super" and "premium", which belong to good and are expensive.

Absolutely all famous companies producing food for cats developed a food specifically for kittens, which is considered the most balanced in respect of the trace elements and minerals. Such feeds in the sale quite a lot, you only need to decide, in the future try not to change the feed. Experts have concluded that the best dry food for kittens manufactured by NUTRO choice, hills, Royal Canin. The podium of the feed may change slightly, but always a leader takes the products that have been developed on the latest achievements of science, using ingredients of the highest quality.