First decide what you will feed the kittens. It is important to choose a decent replacement for mother's milk-cats that would be easily absorbed by the delicate digestive tract of the kitten and saturated his body with all necessary for the full development and growth nutrients. Would be perfect for that special milk for kittens that you can buy in pet stores.

If for some reason you are unable to buy designed for feeding newborn kittens milk, try to prepare a special nutrient blend. To do this, take the boiled cow or goat milk and mix it with egg white, rapidly whisking the mixture. The ratio of milk and egg protein should equal about 80:20.
Finally, a good product for feeding newborn kittens is a mixture for feeding the child 1-2 weeks.
как сделать соску для грудного катёнка
When warm food for toddlers ready to feed them. To do this you need a syringe without needle or eyedropper; as well little nipple. In the process of feeding and watch carefully to the kitten slowly sucked the milk, and in no case did not drown them. First, feed the kittens every two to three hours; the older the kitten, the more increases the time interval between feedings.

Thus babies fed until such time as they reach a month; by this time the kittens usually start eating from a bowl. Starting from the third week of life kittens, and gradually introduce them to solid foods can be finely chopped hard-boiled egg, baby food from meat, mashed cooked fish low-fat varieties or a small amount of low-fat curds.
как кормить котенка из шприца
In nature the mother cat gently massaging the kittens bellies, licking them, which provokes the development of the babies have normal peristalsis. In the absence of cats the owner can accurately do the kitten massage the tummy with a wet thick cloth. If you do everything right, the kitten needs to do number two or three times a day. When the kids get a little older, the need for this will disappear.
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