Advice 1: How much food should kitten

The amount of feed for kittens depends primarily on weight, age of the kitten and, in fact, from the feed. Kittens during the day, eat about 10% of its weight. The power of kittens after two months of practically no different from feeding adult cats. However, if the kitten came to you before eight weeks of age, he needs special food.
How much food should kitten
First, you need to weigh the pet. It is better to use scales that are more accurate. Weight is the main criterion of the accuracy of nursing as a kitten should gain weight. You need to weigh regularly, to start every day, then every three to four days.
The amount of feed also depends on the age of the kitten. To eight weeks of age the best food is a substitute cat milk. But if the extra funds to purchase this expensive product, you can use its analogues.

From all the things that you can feed kittens, can you recommend a "milkshake". Make it very simple: you'll need 1 Cup (250 ml) whole milk, 2 egg yolks, 30 ml cream, 30 ml of bio yogurt without additives (laktobifid). All this is mixed in a mixer, blender or by hand.

This cocktail is particularly well suited for young kittens, which is hard to cope with solid food.

You can also cook porridge from baby food or use egg powder, dissolved in cow's milk. In the first week of life, the approximate weight of a kitten in 100 grams, he should be given 30 ml of the mixture.

In the first four days to feed every two hours. The fifth day night you can feed every three hours. Starting from the second week, the volume should be increased to 50 ml with a periodicity of 4 hours.
From the second month of life, a kitten should be accustomed to solid foods and gradual transition to more adult food. If you decide to feed kitten food, then you need to know how.

Feeds come in economy, premium, super premium and holistic class. The higher the class, the food is better quality, the more its composition of meat and natural substances. In quality forages should be more than 30% meat ingredients.

Such popular and widely advertised food economy class are composed of less than 0.5% of meat ingredients. The feed is empty. Kittens do not eat and constantly asking to eat. Also, these foods contain a lot of flavors, additives and substitutes. You should know what a quality food will never be colored. It is therefore very important to take responsibility for the choice of food.

If you decide to feed your kitty quality food, then up to three months, he should eat 50 grams a day, from three to six months 100g. With seven months again, you can give less. Usually kitten he knows when to stop and eat when you want. But some have no sense of proportion, and need to limit their Pets.
If you feed your baby normal food and don't know how much to feed a kitten exemplary rules are:

The age of the kitten 1.5-2 months (active growth). The number of feedings per day — not less than 6, the daily rate of 120-150 grams. At this time, it is necessary to limit the consumption of milk, milk porridge.

Age 3-6 months (active growth). The number of feedings to 4 times per day, daily rate of 180-240 g. the Daily ration of meat not less than 35-40 g.

Age 6-9 months (active development). The number of feedings to 3 times per day, daily rate of 200-250 g. the Maximum demand for food in growing cats need for age 6 to 9 months.

In 10-12 months the development activity decreases. The number of feedings to 2 times a day, daily dose — 150-200 g
Useful advice
You have to remember that no single food can substitute for natural meat. Food can be given as a Supplement to the daily diet. For example: morning and evening meat, day and night dry food. The gap between the consumption of natural food and dry food should not be less than 30 minutes.

Advice 2 : How to get weak kitten

The reasons you have in hands can be a little helpless, weak kitten, different: there were no cats, tortured guys, got sick. But whatever the reason, it is necessary to properly care and treatment it is better to trust the vet.
Kitten needs your care.
You will need
  • substitute cat milk;
  • a syringe or small Turkey Baster.;
  • - warm cloth or blanket;
  • - warmer.
Consultation of a veterinarian. Weak kitten it is better to take to the doctor. He may have hidden disease, and it requires vaccinations or treatment. All the work on nursing will be in vain if you do not set the time the cause of poor health of the animal.
Feeding. If the kitten is very small and weak, feeding is the most important part of the whole process of nursing. Feed the kitten every 2 hours, as a small child. It is important to follow the regime. You will need to purchase a special mix, reminiscent of baby food or powdered milk just for kittens. You need to feed through a syringe or the syringe, but not by force. The kitten himself tasted one drop will stick to the jelly. If he refuses, it means he's fed or he is bad. Milk should be warm.
Surround yourself with warmth and care. If it is not possible to buy a special infrared incubator for a kitten, then do it yourself. For this, put lots of warm cloths or a folded blanket, and the wall box outside overlaid warmers with hot water. You can put a box on a heating pad. However, remember that overheating the cat's house too. To maintain the temperature, equal to 38S.
Please note that the kitten will have to devote no less time than the child. All you need to do with love and tenderness, as animals are very sensitive to the emotional state of a person.
Useful advice
For feeding it is better to use the rubber syringe, so as not to injure the delicate sky and the tongue of a kitten. If the baby is blind – it should be protected from bright light. In any case don't get fleas in immunocompromised animal chemical drugs, it is possible to engage after full recovery of the animal. Toxic solutions at this early stage can kill a kitten.

Advice 3 : How to feed a kitten

Cat is one of the most popular Pets. Once little kitty is moving to a new family, all its members, there are many questions on caring for a tiny defenseless creature. Therefore, the appearance of a kitten in the house, you must prepare in advance. It is especially important to think carefully about how and what to feed the baby.
How to feed a kitten
Little kitten, not yet reached the age of three, should have access to food throughout the day. Don't be afraid that a kid can overeat. Kittens at this age usually most of the day headlong rush through the house, burning all the excess calories.
For six or seven months of a kitten preferably translated to two meals a day. By this time the growth of the baby slows down a bit, so feeding on a schedule will allow you to control the amount of food eaten by the pet.
Never feed a kitten immediately after your morning Wake-up, otherwise he quickly realized that in order to get a treat, he only need you to Wake up. But the baby might get hungry and at 5 in the morning. Better feed him before you leave for work.
The same rule apply to the evening feeding. Feed the kitten not as soon as I come home, and after some time. This is important, because if you're late from work, the child will be nervous. A restless animal can make a row: to peel the Wallpaper in the hallway, to stir the soil in the flower pots "to relieve themselves" in the wrong place.
Feed the kitten in the designated place. If you don't want to jump on the kitchen table where you prepare food, do not feed him near it. The same applies to the dining table. Do not put a bowl of food next to the object near which you would not wish to see your pet.
If during a meal you don't want to stay fixed on your vision and endure harassment four-legged lover to eat, never let the kitten treats from their plates.
Feeding kitten boiled chicken without bones, lean beef, boiled chicken and beef stomachs, kidneys, lungs and heart, low-fat cream cheese, any vegetables, except potatoes, and ready-made food designed specifically for kittens. Cook the baby rice, oatmeal, wheat or buckwheat. Include in the diet of its food cooked or raw egg yolk. Toddler under the age of three, can fluster milk. In older kittens, this product may cause diarrhea.
But such products as pork, goose, duck, potatoes, sausages, canned food, feed the kitty can not. Protect it from consuming spicy, smoked and salty food.
Useful advice
Don't forget that next to the bowl of food must always be a saucer of clean water, which is necessary to change on a daily basis.

Advice 4 : How to fatten up a weak kitten

Sometimes in a litter of newborn kittens comes across a weak baby. Active brothers and sisters to displace him from the nipple, and the mother cat often ignores the kitten, giving preference to strong offspring. In the end, a weak animal may die. But if in time you notice it and take the question of power in their hands, baby is quite able to gain weight and restore health.
How to fatten up a weak kitten
You will need
  • substitute cat milk;
  • - nipples;
  • - baby food;
  • - cow's milk;
  • - the egg;
  • - children's canned meat;
  • - boiled chicken.
Observe the behavior of cats. If she gives a weak baby as much attention as the rest of the cats licking him, not repels from itself – it is quite possible to leave the nest. But if the mother decided that one of the kids is not viable, she can completely ignore it and even show aggression. In this case, the kitten should be isolated.
Place it in heat – for example, in a box where laid the hot water bottle with soft, clean cloth. Feed the baby will often newborns need to eat every two hours, the older kids eat a little less.
The easiest way to feed a kitten ready concentrate cat's milk. Buy at the pet store powder that should be diluted with warm boiled water in accordance with the instructions on the package. Don't forget to buy a nipple from which you will feed the baby.
At feeding time do not turn the animal on his back – he can choke. The baby is in a natural position, lying on his stomach and having a stop for the front legs. Lay on his knees, folded the cloth, put the kitten and keep a feeding bottle parallel to the floor.
If you were unable to buy ready-made concentrate and nipples, go around the materials at hand. Mix warmed cow's milk with egg white in the ratio of 4 to 1. You can use the mixture for infants. Dissolve them, taking in two times more water than recommended in the instructions. Instead of nipples use a makeshift structure of plastic casing of a ballpoint pen, which put the rubber part of the dropper with a pre-pierced hole. For normal digestion the kitten needs to suck – and then use a feeding syringe is not necessary.
To test how well fed kitty, you can use weights. Every week he needs to add about 100 grams. The well-fed animal is not beeping, not trying to suck your fingers or the corner of a diaper. After feeding he needs to sleep peacefully.
Three weeks after birth the baby required more nourishing food. Start to feed him finely chopped, egg, meat baby food or boiled and crank through a meat grinder chicken. Follow the chair – in the normal digestion it happens twice a day. If the kitten is observed diarrhea, at the time of stop feeding and dilute the formula milk in a low concentration.
Kittens who receive artificial feeding, can experience problems with defecation, especially if the mother is not licking them. Help the kid – wet the diaper area with warm water and gently massage the abdomen and the back of the kitten, stimulating the digestion and chair.

Advice 5 : How to feed a kitten at 1.5 months

According to many breeders, the best time when to take the kitten from Mama cat, is the age of 2-3 months. The grown up cat by this time is already no longer eat mother's milk and will switch to a normal diet. In practice, however, their new home, the kittens often fall at the age of one and a half months and even younger. Therefore, before owners have the problem of how to organize the feeding a little kitten.
How to feed a kitten at 1.5 months
You first need to determine the diet. Cats can be fed either food or purchase food. There is also the option of a mixed ration, when the animal is given as the main dry food, and as bait — natural products. However, mixed feeding is less preferred as it is believed that such a diet is unbalanced and leads to an overabundance of certain vitamins and minerals and lacking in others. In addition, for the digestion of industrial foods and digestion of natural food (especially raw) in cats produced by different enzymes. Therefore, a mixed type of diet can lead to digestive disorders.

Finished feed for kittens

Industrial feed for little kittens have a balanced composition, so that the animal receives all the essential for the growth and development of the substance. Importantly, the finished feed allows the animal to save time, you don't need to spend on cooking. Feed the kitten wet (canned) food and dry food.

Best to start with wet food. First time to offer a stranger food six weeks of the kitten on his finger. For this scoop with your finger a little canned food and allow the kitten to lick. Soon the kitten should start eating wet food from a bowl. If not, try to dilute the canned food with a little water, to make it more liquid.

To dry food as a little kitten should begin to accustom gradually. First time dry croquettes need to soak and the mixture to give the animal on your finger, gently smear him across the sky. Gradually add the dry food all less water, while the cat will begin to bite.

It is very important to feed kittens to choose feed only high quality premium and super premium class. Advertised cheap food for cats is made from low-quality raw materials, so they are not the best way affect the health of the pet.

Feeding kittens food

For a small kitten most dear and familiar food are dairy products. Pet can give boiled cow or goat milk, cream. If the kitten does not tolerate whole milk, it should replace with fermented milk products — yogurt, kefir or nonfat sour cream. Very useful product for a growing body is cottage cheese which can be mixed with milk and chicken yolk.

Meat should enter into the diet gradually and only in cooked form. Start with finely chopped boiled beef. Then you can diversify the diet of boiled chicken, Turkey and rabbit. As a source of meat well suited to children's canned meat, but only those in which no salt. Fish (preferably marine and low-fat varieties) can be given once a week, but also just boiled and in small portions.

For the full development of small kittens also need plant foods: vegetables and cereals. But beans should be avoided as they are difficult to digest. Of cereals it's best to cook porridge, to which you can add pureed vegetables and meat.

Frequency to feed kittens

Young kittens aged 1.5 to 4 months should be fed 5-6 times a day slightly warmed food. The intervals between feedings 3-4 hours. It is impossible to overfeed an animal, but also the hungry kitty, too, should not be. Access to fresh water must be constant.

Advice 6 : What to feed kittens dry food or food from the table?

Proper nutrition for kittens at a young age is very important. It should be balanced, contain all the necessary elements. To how the feed will get used to the kitten, depend largely on his taste preferences into adult life.
What to feed kittens dry food or food from the table?

What kind of food to feed the kittens

Owners of cats, cats know how difficult and sometimes impossible to teach an adult cat to a new food. Therefore, it should be done when the pet is still small.

To determine whether to give kittens dry food or dishes from the table, you need to identify the positive and negative traits of both:

Dry food is convenient to use. If almost the whole day the kitten and then an adult animal, forced to be alone, such food becomes the way out. Enough in the morning to scoop food into a bowl, put the desired amount of water, and the pet well-fed until the evening.

Properly prepared home made food for kitty useful. It does not contain questionable additives that are found in some types of dry food. But for a long time in the bowl she won't lie – spoiled. If the baby is not eaten, then the remains should be discarded, and the next feeding to put a new batch.

It is very important to decide what kind of dry cat food will be used. It can be said that cheap are a time bomb. Over time, animals that were fed this way, problems appear.

Primarily affects the liver and kidneys. Therefore, if the owner loves their pet, that will give him expensive dry food premium. It contains essential for the growth and development of the animal substance.

Proper nutrition

You need to know important things about the food from the table for the kitten. It is accepted that cats are very fond of fish, so you need to give it in considerable quantities. This is not so. Excess phosphorus is very harmful for both young and adult cat, cat. It can be given only once a week.

From an early age tailed kids should be accustomed to cereals, vegetables, so these foods are an important part of their diet.

Meat is a staple food for cats and dogs. At a young age they are given cooked on the fire buckwheat, Hercules. Add finely chopped cooked chicken or Turkey. The ratio of meat and grain 3:1. You can add some boiled carrots, zucchini.

If the kitten accustomed to that meal, he will eat all his life. If this is not done, then it is almost impossible to change the diet.

In addition to homemade food can give kittens dry food premium, but not be attracted to him. Otherwise the animal will eat it.

On the other hand, if the kitten is not accustomed to dry feed, it is unlikely that he will want to eat them. Therefore it is better to teach your baby to both types of food since childhood, but to give preference to the "right" food from home.
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