Advice 1: What food for cats belong to the class of premium

Finished feed for Pets are becoming more and more popular: pour into a bowl of dry food a guest or to open a jar with meat chunks in jelly is much easier than to ensure the cat is healthy and balanced diet with natural products. But in order for a pet was healthy, you have to feed it high-quality complete food of the premium.
What food for cats belong to the class of premium

Features of feed premium

The main difference between feed premium from inexpensive mass-feed is that it contains everything needed for the cat or cat the nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Cat eating complete food of the premium class typically does not require additional feeding vitamins or pieces of meat "from the master's table": his diet carefully balanced, and the digestibility of the food can reach 90-95%.

Premium foods contain a large enough percentage of protein in the composition is not bone meal or by-products (cheap feed), and natural meat, fish or poultry. Artificial additives and flavor enhancers are lacking. This food can give your pet constantly, day by day, during the whole time of his life.

Another difference premium cat diets from the aft economy class- the ability to choose the variety that best suits your pet. As a rule, in the line of feed includes series for different breeds of cats, for animals with different activity levels, different ages and so on. In addition, among the premium feed provides specialized therapeutic support and reinforce veterinary diet.
In contrast to the feed of the category "economy", which can be seen on the shelf of most supermarkets, priymalnya feed mostly sold in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores.

Popular brands of premium food for cats

Innova EVO ("Innova EVO") is a food production company Natura Pet Products (USA), which enjoys a very good reputation among veterinarians and breeders. The main advantage of this feed brand – includes meat, vegetables and fruit as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, oils and fats.

Orijen ("origin") and ACANA (AKAN) is a high quality high protein food, produced by canadian company Champion Petfoods. Their main advantage – high meat content, the content of cereal crops is either very low or absent.

Golden Eagle Holistic ("Golden Eagle Holistic") is made by American company WellPet, and its composition is as close to a natural menu of cats. The composition is a complete food includes several varieties of meat, fresh vegetables, vitamins and minerals as well as herbs.

Feed Sanabelle Bosch ("Bosch, Sanabelle") produced in German factory Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH & Co. The products of this brand are very well absorbed (that is, the cat is saturated, eating less food), there are no chemical additives and flavor enhancers. Very popular line of feeds designed specifically for show animals.

Very popular brand – Hills ("hills") and Royal Canin ("Royal Canin"). Feed composition of these brands can not be called optimal: it can include such "secondary" additives, such as bonemeal. But the undoubted advantage is quite affordable price as well as a wide range, including special therapeutic and prophylactic diet, very well-proven. Another advantage – mass production, so the owners of the animals eating these feeds, no problems with the purchase of the ration desired brand.
Royal Canin produce in France and in Russia. And, according to experts, the French foods are better and more attractive to animals.

ProPlan Purina ("Purina Proplan") is made by the famous company Nestle and is also considered the food of good quality. The composition of the feed of this brand includes natural ingredients: poultry, beef, fish, beef and cereals, trace elements and vitamin complex.

American food brand Eukanuba ("Eukanuba") is manufactured by P&G Pet Care, and their main feature is the high content of protein at a fairly low cost. The structure also includes only natural products, and the claims of the manufacturer are meat, part of the cat food Eukanuba has never been frozen.

Sometimes to feed the premium class will also include brands such as Bozita ("Rascal"), Iams (Yam), Nutro Choice ("Inside choice"), 1St Choice ("festival choice"), often considered the quality food of the middle class. The advantages of such feed include affordable price, safety for the animal and good taste.

Advice 2: How to feed neutered cats

Neutered cats are more likely to suffer from kidney stones. In addition, they often have problems with excess weight. On this basis, feeding neutered cats must obey certain rules.
To the castrated cat is not sick, it should be fed properly
First decide how you are going to feed your pet. Valid diet neutered cat of either dry food and wet canned food (preferably the same manufacturer) or from natural food and wet canned food, or only from the natural food. Mix the dry commercial feed and natural products is not worth it.
If you give the cat a commercial feed, buy only premium food. Cheap food is harmful not only neutered cats, and their unneutered counterparts. Can buy any premium food. But in order to prevent kidney stones better, purchase special food for neutered cats.
When feeding a neutered cat dry food be sure to pour the animal a lot of water. If you notice that a neutered male a little drink, razmeshivaya dry food or put the cat on a natural food and wet canned food.
Diet neutered cat, based on natural products must include meat (chicken, beef), offal (beef lungs and heart, chicken gizzards and liver), cereals (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal), vegetables (carrots, beets, sprouts) and dairy products (cheese, yogurt). Fish neutered cat to feed not very desirable. It contains many mineral substances, which lead to the formation of kidney stones.
After castration, many cats interest in cats is replaced by an excessive interest in food. That the animal does not overeaten, try to organize smaller meals neutered cat – feed him often, but gradually. If the cat is still recovering, buy special low calorie food.
In addition to urolithiasis and obesity in neutered cats often develop diseases of the teeth and gums. To improve the condition of the oral cavity regularly give your cat raw meat, cut into large chunks. Can also buy in the pet shop special cat treats for cleaning teeth.

Advice 3: What fodder to feed the cat

Those who have decided to have a kitten, have to decide what kind of food they would feed to an animal. You can select natural food or prepared food. In a huge range of crackers and canned food are easy to get confused.
What fodder to feed the cat
Budget option are widely advertised dry and canned food type, Whiskas, Kitekat, Darling, Perfect Fit, Katty, Friskies, Happy cat and others. Despite the attractive name, high-quality videos on TV and banners on the Internet, these foods are manufactured from poor-quality raw materials and waste. A balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins, as a rule, is not respected. Conducted by specialists of the laboratory tests prove that the inscriptions on the packaging of such animal feed should not believe. Almost all cheap feed in the composition is a nutritional Supplement that do not allow absorption of certain nutrients and negatively affect the health of four-legged Pets. Regular feeding "Whiskas" or "Kiteket" in the best case lead to kidney stones cats and will shorten her life.
Feed grade "medium" medium quality. Typically, manufacturers of such feed produce a variety of lines: for cats sterilized/neutered cats, kittens, older animals, pregnant and lactating cats and so on. Vary the feed composition components. In different periods of life increases the need for certain vitamins and minerals. As a rule, in the medium feed contained protein powder and feeding.
Is the premium food for cats on TV can not be seen. Is such products are expensive, but in its composition of selected high-quality raw materials. These feeds have quality certificates, and the structure always corresponds to that indicated on the package. In the ranking of quality cat food to keep a strong lead Hills, Nutro Choice, Eukanuba, Iams, Pro Plan. Them slightly cheaper than Royal Canin, Nutra Gold, Leonardo, Pro Pac, Gourmet. They contain no dyes and flavors, so cats who are accustomed to feed the economy it is difficult enough to teach to almost natural to taste good crackers and canned goods. Composed of expensive high-quality forage is almost no plant proteins, but a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro - and microelements close to perfect. These foods are sold only in specialty pet stores and veterinary clinics.
There is another class ready-made cat food called "holistic". Manufacturers never spend money on advertising, because the high quality of this product line speaks for itself. In many ways holistic food is reminiscent of a premium. The main difference in the raw material. Fish and meat are cultivated without the use of antibiotics and hormones, and the plants are not handled with pesticides and other chemicals. These foods fully meet the needs of cats in nutrients. Feed type "holistic" include Eagle Pack Holistic, Evo, Innova, Chicken Sou, Origen, Felidae. You can buy them, usually only directly in the online shops of manufacturers.
Domestic cat you can feed and natural food. It is unlikely the animal will abandon the portions of meat or fish. However, it is worth remembering that diet four-legged friend needs to be balanced. If you are sure that you will be able to make a proper menu, it is better to trust the professionals-producers and purchase high-quality feed.
Sometimes the package indicates the class feed "super premium". In fact, the manufacturer offers you just premium fodder, and the word "super" added for marketing purposes.
Useful advice
In the diet of any cat all year round needs to be fresh green grass. It is not so much the food, but the special brush allows you to clean the digestive tract of the animal from dust and hair.

Advice 4: As accustomed to dry food kitten

Kitty demands attention no less than the child. And they have similar problems: how to feed, he grew up healthy and active. Dry food provides kitty with all the necessary nutrients, and the owner or the owner saves time.
As accustomed to dry food kitten
You will need
  • 2 bowls: one for water and one for feed
Dry food based on hydrolyzed meat with vegetables, minerals and vitamins. Food is balanced, and when feeding dry food to cats do not need additional vitamin feeding. Keep only those that the cat was always a bowl of fresh drinking water. Dry food is easy to store, it does not savedlevels in a bowl.
Dry food has different manufacturers. For kitten choose feed only super premium. This food really consists of natural ingredients. Unlike forage mass market, which can consist of by-products. On the packaging of food for kittens is the inscription Kitten&Junior, and age 1-12 months or 2-10 depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers write on the package "For all ages". This does not mean that food is bad. But such feed pellets are too big for those just beginning to eat on their own kittens. Familiarity with food, it is better to postpone up to 6 months. Optimal forages for kittens are: Hills, Lams, Eukanuba, Pro Plan, Acana ( for grown kittens). On the packaging must indicate the dosage of feed for every age.
Transfer the kitten to dry food should be gradual and not before 2 months of age. At this age the kitten is fed fractionally several times a day in small portions. Dry food start to give the soaked in water in one of the day feedings. During the week you see the reaction of the kitten to a new food: if there is discharge from the eyes ( sign of allergies), is it normal chair, cheerful is the kitten. If the introduction of feed passed without changes, the number of feedings dry food gradually increased. By 6 months the kitten should be fed 4 times a day. In one of the feedings can be given wet food of the same manufacturer. But rather, it should be regarded as a treat.
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