Buying a baby from a breeder, check his menu. In the first days it is advisable to stick to the usual diet. If the kitten gets ready industrial food, buy canned food of this brand. But if the breeder fed Pets, self-prepared food, check the ingredients.
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Little kittens are fed four times a day. After 6 months they can be transferred to three times a day feeding, and by year - half Board. After every meal, wash your bowl animal and at least once a day, change the water in the drinking bowl. If the kitten didn't eat her portion of food, throw the leftovers. Don't try to feed him zavetrivshiesya food - British cats cranky, stale food the animal has not.
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If you decide to feed your pet a natural diet, give preference to beef and chicken. The chicken should be cooked, beef can be given in the form of meat (for babies up to 3 months) or cut into small pieces (for grown kittens). 2-3 times a week, give the kitten boiled beef offal - heart, kidneys, lungs.
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From time to time, indulge pet of boiled sea fish, freed from bones. Raw fish shouldn't. 1-2 times a week added to the feed of the British mashed boiled egg yolk.
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Up to 3 months kittens can get milk. Later it desirable to give the stomach a growing animal to will react negatively to milk protein. In no one case do not let the kitten cream bowel disorder will follow immediately. Instead, offer the kid a fresh low-fat cottage cheese or fresh yogurt.
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Kitty, accustomed to porridge, boil liquid milk gruel - oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat. Useful and steamed cereals that you mix with cooked meat. This mixture can flavor the boiled vegetables, e.g. cauliflower. Potatoes kittens to give is not worth it. Be careful with carrots - the British blue and lilac colors, it is contraindicated, as it can change the shade of hair.
Do not feed the kitten remains with its own table, fatty, sweet and too salty food. Don't let your pet hot or too cold food. Food should be at room temperature.
To improve the quality of hair, add food pet dry brewer's yeast. Do not interfere, and special vitamins for kittens - before their choice be sure to consult your breeder or veterinarian.
Deciding to feed your pet commercial food, give preference to high quality products grade "super." They take into account all the needs of a kitten. Kids buy canned food for kittens, adolescents suitable mixture prepared specially for British Shorthair. Alternate dry pellets and wet food - kitten this variety of diet is quite satisfied.