Features feeding kittens between 1 to 2 months

кормление котят 3 месяца
A month and a half – a period of transition for the kitten because at the age of 1 month he is still fully breastfed and at 2 months he can eat the same food as an adult cat, only in small quantities and powdered form. Usually at six weeks the kitten is accustomed to solid food – to feed her cats start with 3 weeks, so you will not have to do it. But solid food is not a pieces of raw meat or fish, but mostly thin cereal and special milk formulas with the addition of chopped natural food.

If such mixtures, intended for kittens, no, you can feed him regular infant formula with the addition of crushed cereals. Mix temperature should be 24-26 degrees. This is the age of intensive growth when the daily kitten gaining 25 g weight, so keep in mind its growing needs, adjusting the amount of feed. Feed the kitten should be 4-5 times a day and be sure to watch that he's always in the bowl was fresh and clean water.
If you feed the kitten a special dry food designed for such kids, don't forget to 4-5 months of this diet, it is necessary to pre-soak in water.

The diet of a kitten in 1.5 months

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Let him milk porridge: semolina, oatmeal, buckwheat, cooked without added salt and sugar. Dairy products: cottage cheese diet, bio-kefir and ryazhenka, yogurt and small amounts of low-fat sour cream and 10% cream. Twice a week you can give boiled egg yolk or mix it raw with the cheese. Mild cheeses can also be included in the menu of the kitten, but the cheese must grate on a coarse grater. To cereal or curd you can mix boiled vegetables: carrots, cabbage.

Raw meat – veal, lean lamb may be given in the form of meat coarsely ground or boiled and cut into small pieces. If you give a bird a chicken or Turkey, use only the white meat and it is better boiled. In powdered raw form, you can give chicken or beef liver, beef heart and pieces of lung. Very good if the menu will be a marine fish low-fat varieties: cod, haddock, hake. It is also better to boil and give the kitten a good crushing with a fork.
Completely eliminate from the diet of a kitten: the river fish, pork, smoked, sweet and salty.

A good and balanced diet consisting of natural foods, you should in any case be supplemented with vitamins. With six weeks the kitten can be given special vitamin complexes: "Doctor Zoo", "Farmavit", "Biafar" or Kitzim.