When a little kittens marks a month, that their growing body needs additional power. When cats have too many kittens, feeding can begin from 3 weeks of age kids. Introduction of weaning food comprises training a kitten for the further nutrition of the animal on their own.
The main component of foods is milk. Veterinarians recommend to prepare a special blend of milk with extra vitamin supplements, it is possible to get protein from chicken eggs. You can use cow and goat milk, mixing it with the yolk. This composition and is given a kitten, it should be remembered that feeding is carried out gradually. Each time it is necessary to prepare a fresh mixture, as after one hour of such a composition can harm the stomach of the kitten. You can buy ready-made formulas for feeding kittens or special feed for the first feeding of animals.
The first feeding kitten requires additional support, and further the grown animal can cope on their own. At the beginning of feeding the kittens just don't know how to lap up formula from a bowl. To understand how to start feeding kittens, it is worth to mention the necessity of additional means such as a syringe without a needle, and the preferred use of a feeding bottle which has the nipple.
Be sure to monitor the temperature of the cooked mixture. Kitten you need to give is unheated, but warm the mixture, its temperature needs to be within 38оС. The temperature will be slightly lower when the pet becomes Mature. Bottle or syringe, which would have the kitten should be kept clean.
As soon as the pet reaches the age of 3 weeks – his diet, you can begin to Supplement. The lure is introduced a small amount of well chopped and scalded meat chicken or beef, you can also give cheese. To feed the kitten, your choice is better to stop the product with a small percentage of fat, not always a popular rule – the fatter the product, the more useful it operates.
When the kitten is 1 month, you need to let him know that there is a need of a dedicated bowl. You need to choose a special place for its location and all the food that the kitten is eating, must be lodged in it. But how can you know whether a pet eats? If the kitten is steadily gaining weight and increases your height, is active and is in constant motion, it is signs of good nutrition and good health.