The face and torso

The nose of a German shepherd puppy wet and shiny. To the touch it can be warm or cold. During sleep's puppy's nose is always dry and hot. But after 10 minutes after waking up, the nose becomes moist again. Look at the face of a puppy: it shouldn't be sharp. Bite the puppy sheepdogs only scissor.
The back should be straight and nepravishta, and the neck moderately long and strong. If the puppy is like a little fat bear cub, it is more likely that he will grow healthy, big and strong. But if the puppy is more reminiscent of a miniature adult, it is likely that it will grow small, which is unacceptable for this breed. The skin of adjacent puppy freely, on the body there are no folds. All the mucous region of the puppy have a pink color.
Coat color

A puppy's coat color is very dark only on the back and head. Often it creates the impression of a black cloak and mask. Paw puppy usually light-brown, beige, red-brown. But for a healthy puppy too light color is not typical. Black and brown is a traditional color. However, the color can be gray. He is not particularly popular. Shepherd with gray color bred true fans. On the body of a German shepherd puppy can be a small white or yellow spots on chest. At low pigment coat puppy's nails a bright, red tip of the tail, very bright eyes, and the face is no mask. Length of coat of the puppy should be small. The hair is definitely shiny.
Eyes, limbs and ears

Eyes puppy should be clean and without purulent discharge. Carefully inspect the front legs of a puppy: they should be straight when viewed from any side and stand parallel to each other. Paws the puppy round and well-knit, pads should be tough. Definitely claws are strong and dark colors. Hind legs slightly further, parallel to each other when viewed from behind. A healthy puppy's tail has bumps and fractures. By touching the base of the ears should not be unpleasant smell: it is a sign of otitis media. Eye month old puppy can be bluish, but then they turn brown. To 3.5 months, ears German shepherd puppy should not have a clearly erect tip. This is a sign of disturbance of phosphorus-potassium exchange.

Often it happens that puppies in the same litter look alike. Although homogeneous droppings is a good indicator, the choice in favor of one puppy to do hard enough. First note the behavior of the kids. Puppy, the most active in eating and playing, is the most healthy. Try calling the puppy, the one who will come running the first, is the leader in the litter.