To take care of a dog is not easy, but if you follow the basic rules of the content of this strong and beautiful dog, the result will be a high activity and good health of your pet.

  1. Shepherd puppy requires special attention: take care from an early age to feed the dog on schedule, without giving the puppy to overeat. Regular overeating sooner or later leads to problems with weight. Puppy shepherd not extensively and often patting them on the head and ears: the ear hryaschik dogs do not take the load, and as a result, the ears may not make the correct position. Try often to play with the dog, but during the game, avoid sudden movements, especially if you want to take away animal toy: you can break the bite.

  2. Shepherd dog, so it is just vital to correct training. To train a puppy shepherd dog should from the moment he appeared in your house. We must start with the basic commands ("EW!", "Place", "me"). Puppies at an early age are easy to train and catch teams almost on the fly. After a dog turns three or four months, can be connected to a trained professional dog handlers.

  3. As an adult dog spends a lot of energy, you must eat balanced diet and stick to it as closely as possible. The task of the shepherd owner is providing the dog's needs for active living calories, which at the same time should not lead to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Shepherds needed easily digestible food, and daily food should be divided at least into two doses.

  4. If you want to properly care for a dog, don't forget to take care of her health. The fact that shepherds puppies are very susceptible to this disease, like hip dysplasia. Therefore, it is important not to overfeed your dog and provide it with regular physical activity. However, it should be noted that dogs, like all dogs of service breeds, well adapted to different conditions. In shepherd you will find a true friend and strong defender.