Train right eat pet from the first day. To do this, choosing the right place to put the bowl on a stand or a low chair. The bowl should be at chest level of the puppy. This is to ensure that the dog has not grown since Brokeback back, or highly-backawn. As soon as the pet will grow, the height of the chair should be changed in line with its growth.
Equip the feeding place. Under the chair is better to lay a small rug, the puppy was standing next to the bowl is stable and does not slip.
Follow the proper stance. It is very important once the baby accustomed to the proper rack. For this it is necessary to constantly monitor the way the puppy puts paws and a daily fix if he does it wrong.
Give it a treat. To make contact with the animal is eaten after the main food, you should feed something tasty. For example, to give gnaw a bone with meat.
Do not provoke the puppy to growl while eating. To wipe his muzzle after a meal.
Be sure to put on the chair two separate bowls: one for food and drink.
Let's just the right food. As for the food, of course, the pet needs to obtain all the necessary vitamins and useful for the development of products. For example, raw potatoes has a positive effect on hair. Decides how to feed puppy dogs, each host independently. It can be as dry mixtures and traditional foods, consisting of cereals, soups and bouillons. However, the mixtures should not get involved, especially cheap. Some of them cause a vitamin deficiency can impair the overall health of the pet. If the owner prefers to feed traditionally, always remember that puppy up to six months of necessary calcium, minerals, vitamins.
Monitor the overall health of the pet, do not neglect vitamins. A role for vitamin "A". The lack of this vitamin in the body can lead to defects in the growth, fix that later impossible. Also do not give the dog bones a bird or a rabbit. Much better to offer the puppy to chew beef bone hryaschik or young RAM.