Apartment preparation

Before you bring a puppy, prepare your home for his arrival. First, remove from the floor all the wires or pull them through a metal cable. Portable, electric sockets, too, is removed from the floor and low surfaces. All the shoes and Slippers accustom to stay in the closet. Fix the doors of all the cabinets, if they are not tightly closed. All the important documents, books, magazines, coffee tables with raise - on the shelf, for example. Puppies are very inquisitive and playful. You will not even be able to react quickly, if the puppy begins to gut your Slippers or a handbag. Not superfluous will be to remove the carpets from the floor. This is because at first the puppy will pee at home.

Place in the house

Bringing your puppy home, determine from his place. It should be in a calm and quiet corner, away from heaters and drafts. To place a German shepherd puppy you can use a small thin pad or mattress. If your dog will be kept outside, is to take care of the aviary. It needs to be spacious, dry floor and a booth for sleep and rest. Make the enclosure so that the sun did not get there all day, or else the dog will be hard.

Never disturb your puppy when he went to his seat. This is only his territory, where he will feel secure and relaxed and can take a break from games. The new location of the puppy you can put some of your old clothes to pet accustomed to the smell of a new host. Thus, we can proceed with the thing taken from the litter. Puppy a few nights might miss his brothers and the smell of home will calm him down.


Nutrition German shepherd puppy is probably the most important in his care. It depends on the health and growth of the puppy, its beauty, intelligence, wit and activity. The baby of this breed in two months should be fed no less than 5 times a day, and then monthly to reduce the number of feedings. In three months, feed 4 times already, 4 to 6 months – 3 times, and with seven months to go to "adult" mode – two-single feeding. Food for puppy large breed should be rich in protein, fiber and carbohydrates.

If you feed your dog a natural diet, in anyone case, it doesn't have to be food from your master's table. Cook food separately: add to cereals meat, vegetables, herbs, vegetable oil. Feed the puppy from aluminum or enamelware. It is desirable that the bowl was on his head and "grew" with him. For this purpose in pet stores sell special stands for large dogs. The food in the bowl should not be cold, may it be warm or room temperature. Don't forget to give the puppy water. Several times a year to carry out vitamin courses. For a puppy it is important period, when his young body needs a lot of calcium and mineral supplements. If you are going to feed the pet dry food, carefully choose the composition, given the characteristics of this breed.

The grooming

The care of appearance is also important when keeping dogs at home. To wash a German shepherd puppy does not need until they reach three months. After this age, a toddler, and an adult dog, can not be washed more than 2-3 times a year. In summer you can let him swim in the river, if he so desires. Frequent washing spoils the view and structure of the hair, making it dull and stiff. A characteristic of the breed German shepherd is that, although it is smooth, you need to frequently comb. This should be done with a special brush, and it is desirable to teach from an early age. On brushing an old coat, cut off, also resulting mats.

It is known that the ears of German shepherd puppies are not worth initially. They are thin, soft and hanging. Only after some time the cartilage hardens and the ears will stand, as it should. Therefore, it is undesirable to touch them, to stroke the puppy must be carefully, not touching the ears. To clean the inside of the ear once a week you need a dry swab. There should not be nothing to smell and nothing should leak. Otherwise, contact your doctor. Also from an early age a puppy should be taught to trim nails, then he this procedure does not scare.


Walk with German shepherd puppy you need to start after all vaccinations. Before walking house train him to the collar. Just put it on him and distract the game. Go for a walk after each feeding, thus accustoming him to urinating in the street. Start walking for 5 minutes, adding time each day and load. For this breed is important physical activity at each walk. In the street wait for the first, while the puppy will not make your case, and then go to run and play. So he will understand why it is removed. Over time, accustom the puppy to the leash and muzzle. Also worth thinking about his behavior on the walk, if necessary, to adjust training.

Up to 4 months and carry the puppy on the stairs on his hands. Don't let him own up, it can damage ligaments and spine. If the walk got caught in the rain, at home, wipe the baby with a towel but do not dry with a Hairdryer.


German shepherd – very intelligent and obedient animal. With his intelligence and education are not matched by any breed. But without the help of the owner of the kid will not understand what is possible and what is not. Education can start as soon as the puppy starts to live with you. Calling puppy is, give the command "come". Always call him by nickname.

Remember: what you ban, you ban forever. This applies for instance to sleep on the couch or feeding the pieces from the table. If the puppy is naughty, punish immediately at the time of the offense or he did not understand and only gets upset with the owner.

For German shepherds the main man in the house is the one who it is to train. So for better obedience to participate in this need of the whole family.