Training is called to develop special skills in any breed of dog needed for the owner. To train a German shepherd need diverse, not adhering to certain teams. It is necessary to conduct comprehensive training targeted to the development of watch and guard qualities. Using modern techniques to achieve the best results. The basic principles of training dogs are to perform certain skills. For the dog team owner, should be the law.
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Even from an early age the puppy needs a lot to move. First, it should be simple games and walking. Be sure that the puppy is not flaked out and wasn't tired when he came home. The most useful load in this period will be a game with peers. Then, four months need to gradually accustom the puppy to move on the leash taut.
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As they grow, dogs need to proceed to a focused physical training. Swimming provides an excellent load – develops the muscles of the back and chest, and strengthens the ligaments in the anterior and posterior extremities. To deal with the dog constantly and need to rest once a week.
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To train a German shepherd to so that the pronunciation and tone of normative commands never changed at their discretion. The gestures and movements of the owner must be calm and confident. In the initial period of training, the dog should be encouraged for the good performance of the team with petting, treats or affectionate tone. Pay special attention to the health of dogs, so as to be engaged in training with sick animals is strictly prohibited.
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To train a German shepherd should, periodically giving freedom of movement, rest, play with her. You should vary the time and places of classes, the presence of other stimuli, the sequence of execution of commands, the clothes of the trainer.
To train the dog should only be one person, yet the skills are not completely developed. The best way to carry out training in the evening or in the morning before feeding, perfect fit air temperature 12-15 ° C heat, without the harsh wind and rain.
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