Advice 1: How to call a German shepherd

The dog's name is the most important aspect that you need to pay close attention when you purchase four-legged friend, especially if we are talking about the German shepherd. This breed is rare intelligence, bravery, pride, and intellectual abilities, the name needs to fit the breed qualities and character of the dog. In addition, by using the name that the dog will be considered his and will respond to it, you can to some extent affect its future character. In the web you can find a huge number of names for dogs, but in this article, we consider some of them.
How to call a German shepherd
The name of the male German shepherd should fully reflect its natural peculiarities. If you want that the dog was faithful and strong, took first place at exhibitions and competitions, and was a great caretaker – you will approach the nickname of Dune. In these dogs, however, complex and not always friendly manners. Dog with a nickname respond well to training.
Also the courage and confidence to the dog attaches to an aristocratic name is Harold, which means "to rule".
If you want that the dog was more calm, good-natured and sociable, the male name Milan. Milan – the Italian name of the city, and this nickname is well suited for large and kind of dogs to get along well with Pets.
The same qualities and friendliness has a name Morgan ("bright", "bright"). Dog named Morgan is a staunch defender of your home, loving your children and relatives.
To give the dog more courage and determination, choose for her the nickname of Richard. This nickname gives the dog the strength, courage and hardness.
Name for dogs female have a more gentle nature than men. The dog, named Alma, to be a good mother and good-natured companion, get along well with owners and with other people.
Purebred dogs are also called by the name of Becky (a shortened version of the name Rebecca). This name gives the dog a quiet and reserved nature, she is going to stay with dignity, and will not bring the owners of the concern.
Cheerful and easily trainable dog can have the nickname Vlad. This dog has a delicate sense, is neat and positive impact on others.
The courage and rigor and great quality watchdog will appear in the dog, which will be called a lime.
The beauty and tranquility of different dog named Regina.

Advice 2 : How are the puppies of German shepherd

German shepherds are among the most intelligent dogs. The versatility of the breed is that the Sheepdog is able to perform almost any task. If you decide to have a dog of this breed, it is necessary to know the basic rules of selecting puppies.
How are the puppies of German shepherd

How are the puppies of German shepherd

Before you choose a puppy, decide for what purpose you get a German shepherd. As a home housing an animal such a dog is not suitable, because it has a large size. In a private home a German shepherd will become your irreplaceable friend and guard the territory.

The history of the breed

Traditionally, the ancestors of the German shepherd are considered the North and Indian wolves. Breed collie played a significant role in the development of the breed. A dog named Greif was the first officially registered German shepherd, which was presented at the exhibition in Hanover in 1882. Next, the first breeders Stephanitz and Mayer developed the first standard for the breed. For Stefanica especially important was the work on the development of intelligence and working ability of the dog. He believed that the main function of German shepherd dogs to guard livestock.

The right choice of puppy

In the circle of breeders there are standards for each breed. The height at the withers German shepherd should be at least 60-65 centimeters. Also important is the weight of the dog. Well, if it is not more than 30-40 pounds in males and females – 22 to 33 pounds. The color can be from black to black, with the coat of the German shepherd definitely hard. With age the color may change its color, but only slightly. The prerequisite is a scissor bite and dark brown eyes. In puppies up to a month eyes can be blue, and then darken. A major role in the choice of a purebred dog is played by the shape of the ears. To four months the tips of the ears should be omitted. Raised the tips indicate that in the body of the puppy is not enough phosphorus and calcium. Subsequently, it can cause serious health problems.

Also note the face, which a true German shepherd should be of the acute form. Strong and thick legs, long neck and straight back is a sign of a healthy dog. Often, German shepherd puppies compared with cubs. Pay attention to the dog's behavior among his relatives. Should call any of the puppies to identify the leader in a dog team. The most active representative of the litter first to hurry to your call.
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