Air conditioning, as is known, serves not only to cool the air in the room. It is also designed to ensure that the person was more comfortable to stay in it. This is achieved in particular due to the draining of air. The basis of the process is a simple principle: water from the air must condense with something cold. Of course, in the air conditioner, the moisture is deposited directly on the cooling system, which usually is in the room. That is, a certain amount of water is collected in the cold zones of the compressor and flows into the specially designed pan. After that, she follows in the special tube into the sewer or the street.

Power conditioning, temperature and humidity determine the amount of water that needs to flow from the air conditioner. In hot Sunny weather with high humidity air, cooling an average room, can produce up to 14 liters of water per day. Of course, people can eat this water, but it can be successfully used during watering of plants.

Most of the problems that are associated with the water dripping in the wrong place due to incorrect installation of the air conditioner. Such leaks often damage floors, walls, furniture, and lead to the appearance of the fungus. Air conditioning is installed correctly if the drain pipe goes down, that is, its outlet is located below the input.
In addition, the appearance of drops at the front of the air conditioner may be caused by a violation of the rules of operation. For example, on a running machine constantly fall flows of humid and hot air. In this situation, the water condenseries chilled parts of the outdoor unit and collects in drops. To avoid this situation, you should try to relieve air from the direct flow of air from the street. In addition, it is undesirable to operate the air conditioning with open Windows and doors.

And of course, the water that drips from the indoor unit, is very often a consequence of the fact that a damaged or clogged drain tube. In this case, it makes sense not to solve the problem independently, and seek assistance from the service center.