The frequency of refueling of conditioners depending on their quality may be once a year or every two years. In rare cases this period may be more. The need of the filling of the air conditioner indicate some signs. Thus, the air may be excessively or insufficiently cooled. The next symptom is the appearance of frost or ice in the joints of the outdoor unit.
The first thing to do in these cases is to turn the AC off and then ask for help in service center. Independent attempts to rectify the fault without knowledge of the techniques and special equipment is almost certainly doomed to failure.
For refueling of air conditioners used freon R-22, R-134a and R-404a. He arrives in cylinders weighing 13.6, 22.7, 400 and 800 kg. As you know, freon is an inert gas that is completely harmless and non-explosive. The filling process start with setting the minimum temperature of operation equal to 18 degrees, then start the device in the "cold."
After that, the cap on the faucet of a large pipe of the outdoor unit, remove and connect the gauge hoses. The speed of the cooling fan put in the middle position and the air outlet, install thermometers.
When the air temperature in the street +25 ° C, the readings on the manometer should correspond to 4.2-5.0 bar. To achieve utmost efficiency, you need to include the pressure gauge and look on the thermometer. The filling process is terminated as soon as after lowering the temperature of it will rise. Will check the current level. If the readings are higher than normal, then you need the freon to bleed.
Poweraide yourself in the customer table (usually included in kit if service documents are lost – look on the manufacturer's website), compare all the indications of the air conditioner with the factory standards.