Using the air conditioning takes a large amount of air that is not pre-cleared, and in addition at different times of day has different temperatures, it leads to pollution of air conditioner filters and disruption of its normal operation. If not properly maintained, the device often begins to exude odors, breed different kinds of bacteria.

When cleaning is simply necessary

Promptly to clean air conditioning need if:
- turning the unit on is accompanied by crackling and noise;
after the inclusion of an unpleasant odor;
- during operation, appears to leak from the indoor unit.

Usually for cleaning cause specialized teams, which, without removing the device, produce inspection, maintenance and proper cleaning. However, to get rid of dirt and dust in the air conditioner you can own.

Self cleaning home air conditioner

Cleaning of the conditioning is preferably carried out twice a year, in spring and autumn. For this you will need:
special antiseptic spray;
- the cleaning fluid of the air conditioner;
- brush for cleaning air filters;
fabric with good absorbing surface;
- water (preferably room temperature);

Before cleaning, unplug from the mains conditioner, then gently remove the top cover. Observe extreme caution when assembling and disassembling, it is necessary in order not to break the plastic connection and not to lose the fixing screws.

Remove the air filter for a few minutes and soak it in warm water with soapy solution. After filter away all the dirt, remove it and wipe the brush to clean the filters (and ordinary clothes brush with soft pile, dry.

Proceed to cleaning the rotor fan. The blades can be cleaned with cleaning fluid or warm soapy water. Apply the solution on the blade and wait a few minutes. Then put on the bottom of the housing of the air conditioner something like the film and turn on the device for a few minutes, when all the dirt from the blades under the influence of the cleaning solution will literally drain.

The Assembly of the conditioning is carried out in reverse sequence, and then is the recommended device to turn on and listen to his work: there should be noise and extraneous sounds.