Advice 1: How to fill the split

Fresh and clean air in the room is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. Modern ventilation, air conditioning and a split system able to provide a comfortable microclimate in any room. To prevent breakage, split-system, it is necessary to monitor its work and on time, every year or two to make adding freon.
How to fill the split
You will need
  • - gauge station,
  • - vacuum pump
  • filling scales
  • - a balloon with freon
Drain the system of conditionfactory to drain the system, you must purge its nitrogen. If the original installation of split systems were made without technical violations, then all of the freon is in an external unit of the air conditioner and venting system can be carried out using freon, not nitrogen.
Vacuum system air conditioner using the vacuum pump. It is necessary for the complete removal of moisture and nitrogen from the split system.
Check air conditioning for leaks. The tightness of the split-system it is necessary to check pressure. The period of operation without refueling depends on the integrity of its system.
Refill the air conditioning required quantity of refrigerant. Grade and quantity of freon for your air conditioner specified by the manufacturer. Information about this can be found in the Datasheet of a split system. Filling air conditioner freon types is via manometrically station, with the help of special filling weights. For filling domestic split systems refrigerants are certified of enhanced security. As a rule, the brand of R-410A, R-22 or R-134A . Filling split systems with refrigerant bad quality can cause damage to the compressor.
Enable and test split system. For this, open both taps split system and turn on air conditioning for cooling in minimum mode. Wait for the compressor and observe the valves of the air conditioner for 15 minutes. If the valves of the air conditioning began to be covered with ice, you need to refuel it. Refueling is carried out in small portions. If the valves are not frosted over, so refueling was successful.
Air conditioning manufacturers and specialists for their services is strongly recommended in order to fill a split system on their own. For efficient and safe refueling of air conditioners with freon is required to have special equipment, professional knowledge and certified refrigerant. The non-technology charging can lead to failures in the operation of a split system and its total failure.
Useful advice
Filling a split system with a refrigerant is included in the standard servicing of air conditioners.

Advice 2 : How to clean split system

It is difficult to imagine an existence without the possibility of air conditioning in the summer heat. But in order in the house was always refreshing, split system requires regular preventive maintenance. Easier to invite for this purpose the master, but if you know how to wash the equipment, you can save a considerable amount of money.
Cleaning of outdoor unit split system
Large volumes of air passing through the inner and outer units contain inclusions in the form of dust and small debris, which are deposited as contaminants on the parts. In the absence of regular cleaning of the equipment, this leads to unpleasant odours and noise during its operation and affects the quality of cooling or heating air flow. Besides untreated filters have become a habitat for mites and various harmful microorganisms.

Cleaning the indoor unit split systems

Cleaning split system should meet at least 2 times a year. This is usually done in the spring, before summer and after – before the onset of winter. In the first place from the device remove the air filters. To do this, open the top cover of conditioner and gently remove it from the locking tabs. Filtration mesh washed under powerful water pressure, and finally washing off with warm, soapy water, leave to dry. Then thoroughly clean the vents located in the top cap, through which air flows into the indoor unit.

Then there is the cleaning of the rotary fan. Before this action is necessary to cover the floor with tape or old Newspapers. On the fan blades cause the soap solution and turn your device for a few minutes. When most of the dirt will fly out of the device, cleaning the blades complete with a brush dipped in the same soap solution. Electronic parts before washing is better to cover with cellophane.

Cleaning the outdoor unit of a split system

To wash the outdoor unit will need the steam generator, and in its absence, can be used in a powerful water pump with attached hoses for input and output. Upon exiting the hose fits over the metal nozzle, the end of which should flatten out to form a slit of size 0.3-0.5 mm. the Top cover of the outdoor unit off, remove its retaining screws. Dust and large debris is removed by vacuum or with a wide brush. Then include a pump connected to the water tank, and produces flushing of the radiator.

If the original procedure did not produce the desired effect, for example in case of clogging of the system by poplar down, the procedure is repeated. Before re-cleaning will have to unleash unit, push the layers of heat exchanger for a more thorough rinsing.
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