You will need
  • - gauge station,
  • - vacuum pump
  • filling scales
  • - a balloon with freon
Drain the system of conditionfactory to drain the system, you must purge its nitrogen. If the original installation of split systems were made without technical violations, then all of the freon is in an external unit of the air conditioner and venting system can be carried out using freon, not nitrogen.
Vacuum system air conditioner using the vacuum pump. It is necessary for the complete removal of moisture and nitrogen from the split system.
Check air conditioning for leaks. The tightness of the split-system it is necessary to check pressure. The period of operation without refueling depends on the integrity of its system.
Refill the air conditioning required quantity of refrigerant. Grade and quantity of freon for your air conditioner specified by the manufacturer. Information about this can be found in the Datasheet of a split system. Filling air conditioner freon types is via manometrically station, with the help of special filling weights. For filling domestic split systems refrigerants are certified of enhanced security. As a rule, the brand of R-410A, R-22 or R-134A . Filling split systems with refrigerant bad quality can cause damage to the compressor.
Enable and test split system. For this, open both taps split system and turn on air conditioning for cooling in minimum mode. Wait for the compressor and observe the valves of the air conditioner for 15 minutes. If the valves of the air conditioning began to be covered with ice, you need to refuel it. Refueling is carried out in small portions. If the valves are not frosted over, so refueling was successful.