When the refrigerator heard noises and knocks. Check the suspension of the casing of the compressor by adjusting suspension bolts. If the cover relies on 2 – 3 springs, then install the bolts so that between the bottom bolt and the support remained a gap of 8 – 10 mm. If the cover rests on 4 springs, then adjust the position by moving the vertical brackets with springs. If your fridge is the internal suspension of the compressor, the repairs can be made only in a special workshop.
Increased consumption of electricity. If your kitchen is not 35-degree heat, next to your refrigerator, no heating and heating devices in network high voltage and the power consumption is clearly more than is required, then the faulty motor-compressor. Be breakage in this case can result from:
a) short circuits in the winding;
b) jamming of moving parts of the motor;
C) increased capacity of the compressor.
Unfortunately, these faults alone can not be repaired. For a more accurate diagnosis and repair of the refrigerator must be given to the workshop.
The lack of cooling. The main reasons for this failure, refrigerant leakage, blockage of zeolite cartridge, failure of the compressor. For more accurate diagnostics turn on the compressor and touch the discharge tube. If it heats up – leaking freon most likely not. Check out zeolite cartridge: when clogged it won't cool off. In order to completely verify the absence of leakage of freon, zoom to the inlet of the evaporator and listen – if there is a leak and freon in the capillary, there will be heard the characteristic sound of oil-air mixture. If extraneous sounds are not heard, the reason clearly in the compressor. This damage can only be addressed in the workshop.