You will need
  • - special set for self-fueling air conditioners
Purchase an auto in the device for filling the air conditioner. It should consist of a tank with coolant, under pressure, flexible rubber tube and pressure meter. The counter counts the number of filled freon in the system. Attach the tube to the counter and turn the wheel counterclockwise until it stops, before you put the counter in a container of freon. The needle is mounted inside the tube, puncture the container with freon and the unit is ready for filling. So do not place the meter into the tank prematurely.
Configure and calibrate the meter before use. To do this, turn the wheel so that its position corresponds to the temperature shown on the pressure gauge.
Car air conditioning consists of two parts: one a low pressure, the other high. The gas station make from the low pressure side. To accurately distinguish one side from the other, read the instructions to the car. Note notes: cover high pressure is indicated by the letter N cover low pressure with a letter L. the Holes on different sides of the air conditioner are often different, making it impossible for improper dressing.
Before removing the cap low pressure air conditioning clear space around it to prevent dirt from entering the system. Attach the tube of the filling device to the hole of the low pressure, without causing the device (see claim 1). start the car, turn on the air conditioning at full capacity.
Follow the counter. The pressure meter should gradually rise and stabilize. If the pressure has not risen to the desired value, or not rise at all, so the air conditioning required a refill. Disconnect the appliance from the opening of the low pressure, stop the engine and air conditioning of the car.
Connect the tube of the filling device to the compressor of the air conditioner. Restart the engine and turn the air conditioner on full blast. Continue to monitor the meter readings. As soon as his testimony stabiliziruemost, turn the wheel counterclockwise and the characteristic sound make sure that the container of gas was punctured. The freon will start to flow into the compressor, tucking it.
When the counter pressure is equal to the value of the temperature of the external environment, which previously had been installed (p. 2), the filling process of the air conditioner to fail. Remove the filling device and close the cover of the air conditioner.