You will need
  • Phone (home or mobile).
Dial 003 or 030, if you need to call the "Emergency aid" from a mobile phone network "Beeline".
Call 030 to call the team "Ambulance aid", if your phone is connected to the network "MTS".
Dial the number 030303 if your phone is supported by a network "the Megaphone" and you need to call an Ambulance.
Call the emergency rescue service emergency number 112 and follow the instructions of the operator.
Make a call to an Ambulance from a mobile phone connected to any operator by dialing according to the following scheme: country code - code of your city-03-111.
Answer clearly to the questions of the on duty paramedic to the team of "Emergency assistance" was promptly sent to the patient. After receiving all the necessary information, you are obliged to inform you that your challenge is accepted.
Consider the fact that the maximum time allowed by law for the arrival of the service "Emergency assistance" – 20 minutes in cities with a population over 100 thousand people. For other settlements, temporary quotas the arrival of the brigade "03" Ministry of health not been established, but there is a rule that says that medical care should be provided without delay.
Repeat call to service "Emergency assistance" one more time, if within half an hour you did not wait for the brigade. Recall the duty paramedic that delay assistance equivalent to its failure and abandonment of person in danger article 124 and 125 of the criminal code. If this warning does not help, call the police.
Refer to the above law, which threatens with imprisonment up to 3 years if duty paramedic refuses to send you a brigade of "Emergency assistance" from any consideration. Usually this measure is sobering.
Consider in advance how to ensure unhindered access of medical personnel to the patient, if your house has a combination lock or dog. To speed up the process, meet an Ambulance in the yard, so they are not looking for a long time your entrance and apartment.