Under the law, to place a child in a car seat needs from birth until they reach a body mass of 36 kg. Typically this weight corresponds to the age of 11-12 years. For each age group there is a special category of car seats.
Category 0 and 0+ is designed to carry children from birth up to one year. These car seats are more like a walking cradle, equipped with additional safety belts. The seat of the group 0 is set perpendicular to the course of movement of the vehicle, and the seat of the group 0+ child is back on a course of movement. This is due to the need to reduce the burden on the not yet fully formed cervical spine of the baby.
Chair of category 1 allows you to carry children who can sit confidently, keep your back and neck. Starting with the first category, the chairs are set facing the direction of motion. Car seat category 1 calculated on the weight of 15-18 kg.
When the child reaches three years of age he will need a car seat group 2-3. Instead of five-point belts in such devices is the usual standard seat belt. To ride in this chair the child will be able from 3 to 12 years. Adult children can also be found in the vehicle chair of the type "booster", which has no backrest. Boosters are designed for children taller than 130 cm