In accordance with applicable law, to be transported in a vehicle children under twelve years of age must use special equipment, i.e. car seats. The car seat must meet the height and weight of the child. Can be used for transportation and other means that allow you to fasten the child with seat belts stipulated by the design of this vehicle.

What are the devices for transporting children in the car

Kids can travel in a special "cradle," a booster – seats without the back car seats. The stature and the age of the child should correspond to the specific model of child seat. You should not carry children older than one year in the "travel system", and child under 5 years on the booster.

According to the SDA, a device for transportation of the child must be with an intact frame, have no external or internal damage. Should be completely excluded cracks, dents that affect the integrity of the seat. We can not allow the seat belt was worn or damaged, all the mechanisms, the locks must be in good condition.
Allowed attachment of the child seat with the Isofix system.
Device designed for transporting children in the car, are certified in accordance with established rules.

How to install the seat in the cabin

In accordance with the rules of the road, baby car seat must be installed in the car in the back seat. According to statistics, the safest of all places in the car are the seats behind the driver and middle passenger seat. Children under 12 years of age cannot be transported in the front passenger seat.
Exceptions to this rule are babies that are transported in the car seat, pinned against the motion of the car. Front airbags in this case should be disabled.

The fine for no car seat is recently 3000 rubles. If the chair is faulty, it is considered missing. If the salon chair is, but children are transported not in it – for example, an adult holds the baby on her lap, it is considered an administrative violation. Regardless of winter, summer, weather and road conditions, child under 12 years old must travel in car seat.

Baby car seats classic type can weight no more than 36 lbs. If the child is younger than 12 years, but it weight more, it can be transported in the back seat, hooking the regular seat belts that are fixed so that the straps will not shift to the abdomen and neck of the baby. Without child car seat can carry a child and then, when his height more than 150 cm, even if the twelve years he is.