Don't let the prickly pet cat or dog name, better come up with an interesting, eccentric or just a funny name. If habits it reminds you of an aristocrat, give him one of trendy exotic names such as Harold, Hercules, Zoe, Oscar, Patrick, Petruchio, Stuart.
It would be appropriate and some ordinary male name. You can call a hedgehog in the Western manner of, say, Alan, Arnie, Gunther, Joe or Joseph, or contact your favorite Patriotic names: Bogdan, Boris, Fedor, Hleb, Andrey.
как назвать животное
If you want to approach it with a sense of humor, call pet one of the names famous in the history of people, for example, Balzac, Irving, Columbus, Archimedes, Mohammed, Mozart. In the category of witty names for a hedgehog can be entered and the names of various characters: Baloo, Beavis, whack, Captain Morgan, Klaus, Nathan, Iago.
имя для щенка девочки таксы
Observe the behavior of the pet and its activity. Perhaps these indicators will be the basis for the choice of nicknames: Acrobat, Crustas, Fugitive, Runner, Bum, Thumb, Grumpy, Stiff.
If you find it difficult to stay in some one name, call it a pet diminutive of the word hedgehog, say, Hedgehog, tails, Ienica, Jerzy (with the accent on the first syllable). Or connect your imagination and come up with a name inspired by einem the whispers, for example, Susa, Susan, Tufik, Shura, Fawn or just UV.
Как подобрать кличку питомцу
What to do if your hedgehog a female? Pick a name, based on the above steps: exotic (Deborah, Lila), the name of the famous beauties (Audrey, Marilyn), historical figures or heroine (Bonnie, Margo), the original woman's name (Gina, Jennifer), or any other, depending on the imagination (BlackBerry, Fennec, bead, Frou-Frou, etc.).
There are also generic names, which equally suitable for males and females – Bonia, Beech, Kate, rocky, Michelle, etc.