If guests wandered the forest prickly friend, you can treat it with a variety of delicacies from unavailable to these animals products. For example, buy him meat. Hedgehogs love various meat products. It can be veal, poultry, beef or by-products.

It is advisable to prepare a meat treat. Experts do not recommend to give a hedgehog raw meat or cooked any way a human way. It's best just to handle small pieces of product with boiling water. When the meat has cooled, you can entertain your guest.

But from fatty pork, sausages, sausages and any soy products in this case should be abandoned.

No exception well as fresh fish and seafood. Them quite thoroughly defrosted. If the hedgehog for some reason lives at home, it is the fish should be the basis of its diet.

Happy to eat a prickly guest, and dairy products. You can pour for him in a saucer with a little milk, kefir, yogurt or fermented baked.

If you have vegetables, most of them hedgehog like carrots or apples. Better to pre-clean and RUB on a large grater.