You will need
  • - cage or aviary;
  • - litter;
  • - feed.
Place your new pet in large cage or aviary. In the cage must be the house where the hedgehog can hide and rest. This shelter is necessary to make the animal comfortable. Lay inside the straw or hay bedding should be soft and cozy.
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Create a room in which is located the cell with a hedgehog, a comfortable animal environment. The room should not be cold or too hot, try to maintain a normal temperature. Scrub the cage daily to prevent odor.
линяют ежи
Clean the cage and the tray with boiling water to get rid of harmful pathogenic bacteria. Regularly clean the toilet pet, and to get rid of the smell, use a special deodorant for cats. Completely change the old litter with new one, when it becomes old. The drinkers and feeders also need to regularly rinse it with hot water.
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The composition of litter in addition to straw and hay, enable dry chamomile. The smell of this plant will repel blood-sucking parasites. In the same cage or enclosure contain only one hedgehog. These animals do not live in groups, so the animals will fight over territory.
Содержание ежа в домашних условиях
If you have multiple Pets, keep Pets in different pens or cages. Housing a hedgehog can be installed on the balcony. In this case, to clean for the winter cell in a warm room is impossible, otherwise the pet will not hibernate. It is bad for his health, the animal may be in the middle of summer to die from stress.
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Avoid long to release hedgehog from cells, it can ruin some of your stuff. If you have the opportunity, place your pet in an enclosure outdoors, where it will be much roomier and more comfortable. Besides, it is the natural environment for the animal, and you will not need specially to equip his home.
Plant some trees, shrubs and flowers. From time to time you will still have to clean the hole, but it should be done less frequently than in a cage. You will also need a well to feed your pet, never leave him hungry.
Feed a hedgehog meat, mealworms, greens and white bread. To water these animals can clean water and fresh milk. It is desirable that the milk was homemade and had the smell of chemicals.