The ability of hedgehogs to fall into a daze, that is in hibernation and for a long time to stay in this state with lowered body temperature associated with the fact that their thermoregulation is far from perfect.

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Hedgehogs active period of life, depending on the climatic conditions of their stay, takes from four months to seven. Under the hibernation of the species refers to the adaptation of animals to adverse climatic conditions. The cause of hibernation depending on living conditions can be different in hedgehogs is most often a lack of feed or low for them the temperature.

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As hedgehogs go into hibernation

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In warm time of the year hedgehogs accumulate subcutaneous fat. When the insects - the main food of hedgehogs is lost, the hedgehog already provides a supply of power to the time of hibernation. It is also associated with the imperfection of thermoregulation, even in a cage, when in food there is no shortage of urchins still fall into a stupor.

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Accumulation of fat in preparation for hibernation suggests that the animal is sufficiently prepared to prolonged fasting that awaits him during his winter sleep. Deposited under the skin and in internal organs fat during sleep will gradually be consumed, and the time of awakening remains a small amount, sufficient only to "warm up" waking up the body.

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Where overwinter hedgehogs

Before you lie down in hibernation, a hedgehog must not only store fat but also to provide a good shelter for the whole winter. Imperfect shelter can cost the animal's life. In autumn, hedgehogs seek out deep holes under the ground at a depth of approximately six feet. In captivity artificial hole also cannot be placed close to the surface of the earth it will freeze.

Hedgehogs can hibernate in burrows that are dug by themselves or other people. Those animals that live permanently in cages, quite willing to use for winter hibernation specially prepared for them with artificial burrows. Holes with hedgehogs gradually covered with snow – insulating properties of this cover are quite suitable. In Nora hedgehogs hibernate alone. In cages at the device nor to do them in the calculations for each animal.

Sleeping hedgehog rolls up into a ball, his paws and nose pressed against the abdomen, the tail to the head. This reduces the heat loss from those areas of the body that are exposed and vulnerable to the impact of cold air. The temperature of the animal in this period is very low – only a degree higher than the environment.