У каких животных самая длинная беременность

Alpine (or black) Salamander from the order of tailed amphibians, its size is only 9-16 inches. She lives in the Swiss Alps and the mountains of other European countries - a record for the duration of pregnancy. The female carries the offspring on the average 31 months, the period depending on climate and height above sea level, on which it lives. If the female lives at an altitude of over 1400 metres, the pregnancy can last more than 3 years and even temporarily "freeze". Alpine salamanders are viviparous amphibians. Usually in the body salamanders of the three dozen larvae of all two develop. As a rule, black salamanders are born two babies.

Marine mammals

Каких животных больше всего

The sperm whale is a large marine mammal whose gestation period lasts 18 months. They have one baby is born. For comparison, the pregnancy of dolphins is 12 months.

Terrestrial mammals

морское животное самое большое по размерам

Of mammal has the longest pregnancy - females of African elephants, it lasts for 22 months (from the Indian elephant - 21 months). In this case, by the 19th month of pregnancy the fetus is almost fully developed, then it only increases in size. A female elephant is born a baby elephant twins are extremely rare. The weight of the elephant is 100 kg or more. It is noteworthy that he immediately can walk.
Generally, the larger and more developed the animal, the longer his pregnancy, but there are exceptions.

Female giraffes carry their young 14-15 months. Giraftar two meters tall "coming out" feet first and falls from two meters as the female gives birth standing up. Sometimes the light appears the twins.

About 13 months waiting for the birth of the cub female Bactrian camels, which also gives birth standing up. The cub is able to walk within two hours after birth.

Domestic donkeys gestation period lasts 12-13 months, the horse is typically 11 months. Foals are male females are often carrying for 2-7 days longer.

After 10-11 months after mating are born the babies of Asian and African Buffalo in 10 months - offspring roes.

In cows, the period of gestation is on average 9.5 months and can vary from 240 to 311 days. The most active fruit develops in the last three months.

Pregnancy polar bears and hippos lasts 9 months, elk and deer - 8, reindeer and chimpanzees and 7.5, brown bear - 7 months.
Among small animals with long gestation differs badger the female gives birth to cubs through 271-450 days, depending on summer or winter occurred pairing.

Cats and dogs, foxes and wolves are hatching offspring 2-4. 5 months. Many rodents have 20-30 days.