Hedgehogs are crepuscular and nocturnal animals. They hunt at night and during the day sleeping quietly in their burrows. Make your pet go out to you and the day, start to feed him in the daytime. After some time, his biological clock will change, and the hedgehog will delight you with the stillness of the night and activity during the day.
Hedgehogs – animals single. Therefore, to keep many animals in one cage is unacceptable. A bunch they can only live at a very young age by my mother and during those periods when mating. In adulthood, few animals will fight, to quarrel; to fight for food, drinker and nest. No rest for the together they will not. They can bite their owner and become quite aggressive. Jerzy alone quickly get used to the owner, loves treats and petting.
Hedgehogs should be kept in a cage, aviary or on the balcony. Don't care to leave hedgehog in the room. This is due to the fact that they love to chew wires, furniture, and at the same time to carry off to your nest of your carpets or bedspreads as the material for the nest. A hedgehog cage needs to be large and spacious; preferably with metal bars. It will look aesthetically pleasing, it is easy to wash and clean, it flows a lot of air and light. In a cage or in an enclosure should always be drinking clean water. Also it is necessary to equip the hedgehog for some hole where he can hide from prying eyes and to relax.
When cleaning the cage, do not throw all the material out. Cleaning for the animal a lot of stress. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the cage once a week, and the hole – once in three months. Instead of litter you can use hay, straw or corn filler. After cleaning the cage under moss or dry leaves, which will serve as material for the nest of a hedgehog. The place of rest he will construct himself. A few times a month should disinfect the bird feeder, tray and a bowl of hot water to divorced parasites. Between the tray and the bottom of the cage will be useful to lay dry chamomile, it deters malicious insects (lice, fleas).
Diet hedgehogs are largely varied. They eat absolutely everything, but the basis of their diet is animal food. A hedgehog can be offered frogs, lizards, mice, some fish, cockroaches, worms, crickets. Insects are particularly good fill the body of the hedgehog with nutrients. Vegetables and fruits, these animals also eat, but do not abuse them. Sometimes you can pamper pet eggs - both chicken and quail. In their natural habitat hedgehogs often devastate bird nests. Favorite you can cook the meat balls in the food quality. This meat needs to be ground into mince and mix with cereals (rice or buckwheat). Sometimes you can offer the pet milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt or cheese.
In the natural environment in the winter hedgehogs hibernate. In the home contents, if the room temperature is constantly warm, they may not do it. But the lack of sleep is bad for the body of the animal: hedgehog becomes more sluggish, ill and may die. Therefore it is necessary to prepare it for hibernation. To do this he must gain weight and weigh before a long sleep is not less than 800 grams. If the weight is less of a hedgehog during hibernation, it may die. In this case it is better to Wake up pet. To Wake, you need to wrap the hedgehog in a towel and put a hot water bottle. For good sleep need, so the room temperature was lowered to 12°, and the hole hedgehog – warmed hay. For this, the animal can be relocated to the balcony.