Make sure your breath is fresh, pleasant to the partner. This will help you fresheners for the mouth, everyday hygiene of the day with her toothbrush and toothpaste, special mouthwash refreshing, healthy teeth, no bleeding gums, gum.
Before you do the kiss without a tongue with a loved one, to work out at home at least on your wrist. Try not to give effect to the language itself. Only lips. Watch out that your mouth was not profuse salivation. Home workouts will help in a more relaxed way to approach such a pleasant procedure as the first kisses.
If you are lucky and your partner is not a first time kisser, knows different kinds of kisses on the lips, just repeat its movement.
Don't dig in too passionately on the lips of the person in front of you from the first minute you start to kiss. The first should be only affection. To do this the easiest way relaxed soft lips.
Passion it is possible to connect to the process later. For this slightly pokusavate lips partner, just cast them, but the language does not enter into his mouth, as you kiss now kiss the so-called "no language".
Ohvatyvaya and cast (carefully!) your lips on his (her) lips alternately: the upper, the lower. Keep your lips was hard, tense. Improvise, don't make the same mechanical movement of the lips, diversify them.