Analyze the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. At first, it will make quite difficult, because love with a person is overwhelmed with a rapid positive emotions, he is in a state of euphoria, which may suddenly give way to the sadness, if feelings are not mutual or something in the relationship is not as you want.
Rate the sober, where you the comfort and happiness of the partner. A man in love often thinks of himself, that loved him well, and one is bad. These strong feelings, unlike love, make you think about happiness, comfort, well-being of a loved one.
Notice how you behave, if you have a partner, there are difficulties and problems. Are you always ready to help him, putting important things for later? A man in love is sometimes selfish. His euphoria is reduced significantly when relationship problems arise, or loved one need help. Love is tested by trials, difficulties, problems, through which partners are together.
A great tool to test your feelings are distance and time. This does not mean that you have no reason to stop to chat with the object of their feelings. But if a situation arises that he or you need to go away for some time, do not be sad. Know that true love can withstand any separation, and if the feelings are superficial, they will sooner or later subside, and frequent meetings.
Think about the sincerity of their feelings if you are overwhelmed with too violent emotions. This is especially true of young people. Sometimes it so happens that, being rejected, boys and girls fall into extreme depression and even think about suicide. The reason for this is not unrequited love, and far-fetched love is similar to intoxication. For true love never die, for her live.
Try searching in your favorite flaws. Even if you don't see them, they are all still there, like other people. Ask you to help a loved one. Love is characterized by the fact that you don't see partner's flaws. If you notice negative traits of the second half, but are willing to put up with them and help fix them, then it suggests that you are experiencing more powerful feelings.
Don't forget that love is not a feeling, over which no need to work hard. Love to cherish and to keep improving the relationship with a dear person. Love can be compared to work on yourself and on your feelings. If you are ready to connect their lives with loved forever, accepting and treating with respect not only to him but to his relatives, his Hobbies, his advantages and disadvantages, we can congratulate you, you have a deep, strong and soul-ennobling feeling.