Learn to distinguish love from love. When you love the partner shall have all sorts of advantages, even non-existent, and idealized. However, love is a momentary passing feeling, which lasts no more than three years. Therefore, at this period is the peak separation. Love, unlike love, long - term and more stable feeling. The basis for it is a good understanding and knowledge of the partner, and making his personality flaws and advantages. True love, contrary to popular belief, is not blind: it is only possible with a deep knowledge of the person. If initially the man seemed not the way it really is, inevitably, disappointment. We should distinguish between love and passion, which can be an integral part of love, and manifest themselves. In passion there is unrestrained sexual desire, which is a leading part of all interaction pairs. Passion overshadows reason, is not subject to social norms and makes you do foolish reckless things. It is a sort of madness, covering the soul of man. This phenomenon is also short-lived. It will sooner or later fade away. And then the relationship built on passion, be impossible, people break up, losing mutual interest. Love is based on the commonality of the attitudes, priorities, interests and attitudes. It arises when the partners are fun to be around. Therefore, one of the obvious signs of love is the desire to spend much time together. It is not only about noisy parties, visits to clubs and such events, but more about the moments when people are pleased to discuss the various cases, just to talk to each other. Loving people show each other continued care, have signs of attention, trying to make life easier for your loved one. The one whose love is genuine, not your efforts to flaunt or to reproach them. Another significant sign that love you, is the constant desire of the partner to touch you. Here we are talking about simple physical contact, informing loved the warmth of his body, of the heart. A light touch - the physical equivalent of the words "I love you". Loving people interested in the lives of their loved ones. Im wondering how was their day, what pleased or upset the other half. The indicators of trust and love may also include a person's desire to share with others their experiences.