You will need
  • license;
  • - the term of the license;
  • - an appeal to the licensing chamber.
Each institution has a license to conduct educational activities. It specifies the name of the organization, its legal and actual address, issue date and expiration date. An integral part of the license is a license, there is recorded the name of programs, the study of which permitted educational institutions, as well as the time of their study.
License is a state – owned warranty and a certificate confirming that the school has all necessary conditions for the implementation of these programs (classrooms, learning tools, etc.). In addition to the licence, the educational institution must be a certificate of state accreditation. It indicates virtually the same information about the educational institution and a license. This document confirms that these programs are implemented on a qualitative level according to state requirements. Please note that the certificate of state accreditation is valid only with a license.
Choosing a school, check out the original license and view the certificate on the state accreditation. You have every right to be. Often samples of licenses and certificates placed on the official websites of universities, as well as stands next to the listing and admission of applicants near admissions. Avoid schools that do not have state accreditation and the necessary licenses.
Checking the license of various enterprises for the implementation of a certain activity, look at the signature, seal and emblem depicted on it, check its validity, and also make sure that the bearer of the license is related to a specific firm. To dispel remaining doubts about the authenticity of the license, call the supervisor of the licensing chamber Moscow by phone 924-3730, or at a local office in your locality. All these actions will help to prevent fraud.