Advice 1: When does teen age girls

The transition to adulthood, especially in girls, is associated with many physical and psychological changes. Before turning into a beautiful Swan, they will go in the body of the ugly duckling. Many mothers to help their child survive this period, you want to know when is the end of adolescence in girls.
When does teen age girls
Doctors conventionally divided the transition period into three subperiods. The first is the stage of preparation of the body (approximately 10-11 years), second – in fact, puberty (12-14 years). The third post-transitional (15-17) – indicates the final transformation of a girl into a woman.
It is impossible to say when it will end in adolescence. Some girls Mature early, others late. Besides, as girls outperform boys in the development of their puberty is less intense and lasts for 1-2 years less. It concerns the awakening of the libido, which the girls can only come to 18-20 years, that is, when they come out of adolescence.
To understand when the end of adolescence in girls, we should follow all the three stages. Approximately 9-11 years old figure of a girl starts to lose the awkwardness, acquiring a rounded shape – widens the pelvis, tightening the buttocks. In the period from 10 to 12 years may appear the hair around the nipples, pubes and in the armpits. Around the same time begins to form the chest. It is still not noticeable, but hurts, itches, swells.
With the onset of menstruation a girl comes into the transition to adulthood. It can happen in 12-13 years or later in the 14 – 15th. The stabilization cycle is not in any particular age. Usually normal menstruation after 2-3 years after the first menstruation. This means the transformation of a girl into a woman, that is, the end of adolescence.
And so it's quite difficult to arrange a specific time frame. If 200-300 years ago girls who have begun the regulation, immediately sought to marry, considering them adults, today they are in the eyes of parents are children. Indeed, it is quite Mature physically, morally, the girl can remain small.
To determine the output of the daughter's adolescence, it is necessary to closely monitor her behavior. Usually entering into puberty, girls are vulnerable, withdrawn, aggressive. Any comment about appearance or actions is able to bring them to hysterics. But the inconsistency of a fictional canons of beauty, to thoughts of suicide.
You need to pay unobtrusive attention daughters who have reached puberty. It was at this time she most needs support. The mother should explain to the girl what will happen to her body, to learn to accept yourself with all flaws. In this case, Teens will be more painless for the girl and her parents.
Helping daughter through this age, you will definitely know when the end of puberty. The girl will again become tender, grow systems, its behaviour will become more balanced.

Advice 2 : First love – a sign of growing up

Sooner or later parents have to realize the fact that their son or daughter experienced in the first time the feeling of love. Every parent will confirm the fact that first love is attributed to the extremely ambiguous sense, in the period which their child is very upset and painfully tolerate this feeling.
First love – a sign of growing up

Teenage relationships boys and girls are sometimes very sensitive and touching, and not forgotten until the end of days. Even older people who are several times married and had many relationships subsequently, in his later years with fondness, admiration and a little sadness, I remember sneak their youthful tender feelings.

Teenage experiences, the most significant, sentimental and unpredictable. First love is not at all, but if the teenagers fall in love, they give their all to this mysterious feeling, forgetting everything and not thinking about any other issues. In this case, the role of parents is to exercise tact and understanding. And if, going on about their prejudices, indifference and selfishness, they will destroy the child's relationship, he will not forgive them ever, and moreover I hold a grudge against a parent for a lifetime.

Teenagers share their experiences with moms and dads is not always, even if between them there was full disclosure. First love is something very intimate, fragile, not known even by lovers. What wonder that the child doesn't want to talk with outsiders on the subject, when even words are sometimes not enough to Express the unknown, the frightening and unique that he feels.

But then people close to understand that their grown-up child going through a difficult period of teenage love, to time to time to help him advice and support? Even if a teenager has no desire to be Frank with the parents, his feelings like a child being asked out. Emotions, bristling over the edge, visible to the naked eye, and others are clearly visible changes in behavior of the teenager if you are attentive to him.

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