Hormones are the active substances that are produced by endocrine glands of the human body. Entering the blood, hormones can affect metabolic and life processes, coordinating the work of all organs. Therefore, the violation hormonal metabolism and their excessive development in humans often have problems with weight.
Hormones can influence appetite, the absorption and processing of certain substances to accelerate the deposition of fat in certain places. In the end, the cause of excess weight will be the violation of the synthesis of hormones. And as treatment no dieting and exercises will not help. The weight gain can be influenced by estrogens, leptin, cortisol, thyroid hormones, prolactin.
Leptin, or in other words it is called the hormone of saturation has an effect on the energy processes in the orgasm. It is produced by fat cells, preventing the body about the occurrence of saturation. When the sensitivity of receptors to leptin is reduced, there comes the uncontrolled absorption of food. In fact there is no brake response and the signal of saturation. Thus excess weight is typed very quickly.
Estrogen is female sex hormones, whose number is reduced is usually to 45 years. Then the metabolism is reduced and fat is deposited faster.
The thyroid hormones regulate all the body processes are responsible for normal growth and development, for the regulation of metabolic processes. If there is a decrease in thyroid hormone levels, there is lethargy, apathy, decreased physical and even mental activity, significantly reduced basic metabolism, leading to weight gain.
The hormone prolactin is normal in large quantities is produced in a woman's body during lactation, a small amount is present in the blood of non-pregnant and men. Only with increasing its synthesis is increased hunger, decreased production of estrogens and testosterones, which leads to excess weight.
Treatment of hormonal imbalance does endocrinologist, which is primarily appoints examination and blood tests. After the results and issued therapy. Patients with impaired hormone production and weight management should be prepared for the long-term treatment. To interrupt the therapy is not recommended. The only way to achieve normalization of endocrine glands and weight loss.