Typically, the technician weighs the risk and benefits of taking a funds. If you appointed "Diana-35", do not abandon the pills because of fear of extra weight gain. Talk to your doctor about this. In some cases, the normalization of hormonal background, on the contrary, begin to lose weight. So do not worry ahead of time.
Tablets is recommended to not drink on an empty stomach. But after a short period of time often has a good appetite, so take tablets an hour before food, but eating a small sandwich. If you have not observed nausea, can not eat. Thus you will avoid overeating.
Stick to a certain diet. Discard dishes that are rich in complex carbohydrates. Hormonal agents increase their absorbability, so the extra pounds arrive quite rapidly. For example, eat less sweets and flour. Do not interfere, and a complete rejection of harmful products, rich in fats and carcinogens.
But in addition to all this, you need to do and sports. Join a gym, fitness or swimming pool. Sedentary lifestyle plus tablets "Diana-35" - the path to obesity. But if you follow the muscle tone, this would definitely not happen.
To avoid the appearance of cellulite, take a bath with sea salt and then make the peeling of the thighs and buttocks honey, which add a bit of lemon essential oil. Orange peel in most cases appears during hormonal therapy, as the level of female sex hormones increases.
Also limit the amount of fluid if you are experiencing swelling. Often, the accumulation of fluid in the body the scale shows 4-5 kg more but that does not mean that you are healthy because of receiving the "Diana-35". Please report this problem to your doctor.
If you are rapidly gaining weight, visit a specialist who has prescribed the drug. It is possible that you will have to cancel it or replace.