The body responsible for hormones

The most common cause of hormonal disturbances — a serious disruption in the functioning of the thyroid gland. Normally, the thyroid produces enough thyroid hormones which directly affect the speed and intensity of metabolism.

Than active thyroid gland, the greater the amount of hormones it synthesizes the better functioning of the body, converting food into energy, not postponing it for the future.

Most obese people thyroid hormones are produced in insufficient quantities, as a result, even quite severe restrictions in food will not allow you to get noticeable results. The body can't even cope with small amounts of food, making them reserves. In the end, life is not energy left, so many full people tend to lethargy, apathy and drowsiness.

The thyroid gland can be a little overclock, it is enough to Supplement their diet with foods high in iodine content. This primarily applies to marine fish, shellfish and algae. It should be noted that particularly useful in this regard, a seaweed that contains a large number of trace elements that stimulate weight loss.

Hormones weight loss - to take or not?

Receiving thyroid hormones can harm the body. Unless you absolutely need to take a course of such drugs is not necessary, because the body gets used to the corny delivery of necessary substances from the outside and begins to reduce their production. Hormonal therapy is recommended for people who have chronic disorders of the thyroid gland.

If you decide on such a step, always consult a good specialist. Keep in mind that the longer you take synthetic hormones, the more likely there comes a serious addiction to them. So it is better similar drugs to take time with occasional breaks: two or three days to accept, then take a one-week break. It prostimulirujte weight loss, but it will reduce the likelihood of negative consequences.

Until the age of thirty years, the human body actively synthesize growth hormones, they utilize fat and support energy levels. With age, their number decreases. To slow down this process, you must ensure you have sufficient amount of sleep because during the night's rest, synthesizing growth hormones several times increases. Lack of sleep reduces the production of these hormones at times, which leads to lethargy, apathy and unpleasant changes in the body.

American studies have shown that artificial introduction into the body of these hormones leads to malignant rebirth and unpleasant diseases such as diabetes.