You will need
  • - wrap;
  • - dumbbell;
  • cosmetic clay;
  • - aromatic oils.
Start with aerobic exercises. Running in the morning, exercise bikes, walking on the treadmill – you can choose any kind of classes. The main condition – the work in girlsgogames mode. Only in this case you start the process of burning fat and enhance the metabolism. Until you drop excess fat, to download the press in an intensive mode pointless, because in the end you will get strong muscles under that layer of fat.
Do the exercises on the waist and obliques. If you have this area is relatively weak, one should not seek complex systems, start with the classics. House spin a hula-Hoop (Hoop) for at least 30 minutes. Do side crunches, rotate the housing and tilt the torso to the opposite leg. In addition, very effective following a exercise. Take in each hand a dumbbell weighing 1-2 kg. Stand up straight, hands lower along the body and begin to perform tilts to the right and to the left, reaching the dumbbells to the knee. The body must be in the same plane, and the bending to occur in the sides. Perform all exercises at a fast pace with lots of repetitions.
Revise its system of power. Is not to say that you don't eat much. Whatever it was, "the ears on the sides" - is excess fat. Therefore, you still consume more calories than you consume, and thereby creating fat.
In addition to sports and nutrition add beauty treatments. At home make wraps with chemist's clay, and seaweed. Every day after bathing, RUB the base of almond oil with a few drops of essential oil of sweet orange. Good effect and has a vacuum professional massage.