Balance check for postpaid subscribers

The company "MTS" allows to check your current balance via your mobile phone. Contract subscribers need only enter the short code *110*10# and press the call key, after which they will receive full information about your account and other services of the company. For example, a caller can obtain information about current stock, the quantity of packages SMS or MMS, and the number of remaining megabytes on the account.

To choose a menu language at the end of a short number 110*10, you need to add the combination *01# — for Ukrainian language *02# — for the Russian and *03# — for English.

Checking accounts for subscribers of "MTS contact" roaming

The subscribers of "MTS contact abroad, have the ability to check the status of his account not only sending a request to a short number, but with the help of service Center of MTS, by calling the number +380 50 508 1111. The call is absolutely free from Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan and Armenia. From other countries free is only the first minute. Subsequent minutes are charged according the current tariff.

Check the main account of prepaid subscribers

The subscribers of "MTS prepaid" to check the balance you need to dial short key combination *101# which lets you know the status of the main account and the validity period of services for the current edition.

The term of service is standard for all users of "MTS prepaid" and is equal to 365 days from the last date of Deposit in the amount of more than UAH 5.

Sending a request to the short number is free of charge, both in area coverage and roaming.

Check additional accounts for subscribers on the prepaid

To check the balance on the additional account to the subscribers connected on a prepayment basis, you need to dial short number *110*10# which allows you to check the bonus account, which is credited for participating in various promotions held by the company "MTS Ukraine" or its partners.

Account verification on the company website

The company "MTS" is a recognized market leader in mobile services and provides a range of services, so can not do without a corporate website. To access this resource at Then choose the tab "Check balance" in the left menu of the website and follow the instructions. On the portal the user can check their account, regardless of what the subscriber connection type it is.