You will need
  • Cell phone, a positive balance
To transfer money on the phone bill of another subscriber, use the technology of data exchange between the subscribers and the service operator in real – time USSD. This service is available to subscribers of MTS for free. Please, dial the following combination of characters:
*150* (phone number to whom you intend to transfer moneyin national format) * (amount in UAH is a number from 1 to 30) # (call button).You will receive a USSD - answer with the confirmation code of the transfer, provided that the request was correctly drawn.
Now create a USSD request in the following format:
*150* (confirmation code) # (call button).In the case of a valid request, you will receive a USSD-answer, from which you learn that your application was accepted. If your USSD request has been incorrectly made, you will receive a message from which to find out about what the problem was.
Can use the "Transfer money" by sending short text messages (SMS). Create a SMS with the following content:
(the phone number of the subscriber, whose account you are going to fill up) * (sum in UAH).
Send an SMS to the short number 150.
You will receive a message with a code to confirm the transfer of money.
Send code received in the SMS message to the number 150.
If the query was correct, you will be notified via SMS message that your request has been accepted. Let's look at the message: 0507654321*5(request to transfer funds in the amount of 30 USD for the phone 0507654321).
Get detailed instructions on how to use the service of money transfer by sending USSD-request to *150# or send blank SMS to the number 1501, if you need instruction in Russian language; 1502 for receiving instruction in Ukrainian; 1503 – English.