How to restore the numbers of MTS in Ukraine consists of the following steps:

- the identity of the caller;
- blocking of lost SIM card;
- recovery and getting a new SIM card with the same number.

Caller ID and blocking

To block and recover a SIM-card only after the identification of the subscriber. This procedure is required and differs depending on which plan (prepaid or contract) you have connected.
If you activated on a site of MTS "Internet assistant", then you can lock the SIM-card through it without a subscriber identification.

The subscribers of MTS Contract is sufficient to provide the passport data for natural persons or the company details for legal. Next, write an application for locking and recovery, then you will already be issued a new SIM card.

The subscribers of MTS Prepaid can identify your identity in three ways. The easiest way to do it, if you had previously specified data in the "MTS Registration". To restore the number, simply contact the nearest branch office with your passport.

If you have activated the service "Password.", call on 111*7, enter your password and phone number you want to block. Then tell the operator your personal data and leave the application on the SIM card lock.

If the services you have not connected, to restore the identification should be held directly in the office of MTS. For this you will need a passport. After the passport check, the operator will ask you 3 main and several additional issues of which you must answer at least two. You will need to remember the last three phone numbers you called and sent text messages. If you use GPRS, then inform the operator used APN access point. Also you will be asked to recall the date of the first call, the date of the last ringing or SMS, the date of the last refill, the current amount in the account, the tariff model.
Locate the package from starter package. It will contain a code PUK1, which will help you to quickly complete the identification of the subscriber for the recovery rooms.

The restoration of the number of MTS in Ukraine

To apply for the restoration of the rooms of lost or non-working SIM cards, you can immediately after the identification of the caller through the MTS contact centre by submitting a request on the website or by contacting the nearest service center of MTS. Next, the operator will tell you how and when you can get a new SIM card. Be sure to bring your passport, because the restored room is handed only to its owner.