The woman retains the discretion and "cold" head to sex with a man. While the male just after sex begins soberly assess what is happening, and in some cases even loses to a woman interest. Thus, the young man must help a girl to get rid of the opinion that it is of interest to him as a sex partner.
In most cases, the woman is ready to give himself and his affection, and to enter into an intimate relationship with a man, the man she loves. The kind of man she desires with all her heart, and therefore easier to agree to sex. In turn, the man is not principled in the issue of sex with a woman not in love. It is no secret that a lot of men having sex with women, experiencing them only mild sympathy or interest in sports.
Because in some cases, in order to have sex with a strange woman, the young man must fascinate and to enchant. It is believed that the female dominant right hemisphere, so she's more emotional, subject to short-term emotions, spontaneous decisions. This means that the beautiful deeds, words and other advances is able to help the man like a woman.
Knowledge of young people about what qualities in a man woman wants to see will help him do more to show them, thus, gaining its location. In the matter of sex the appearance of man in the eyes of women also plays a significant role. Therefore, you should try to look attractive, have a normal figure, neat dress, use hygiene products and perfume.
The beautiful half of humanity before you enter into an intimate relationship with a man must be sure that his intentions towards her are serious. Because in dealing with a woman that is male behavior play an important role. Should show care and tenderness towards the woman, interested in her Affairs, the mood, that is, to strengthen her confidence that she's an interesting man, not as a one-time sexual partner, and as a woman in General.
Often girls dramatize such situations, which for a young man to seem empty and not worthy of attention. However, you should learn to listen to a woman, to understand her, to support.
Guessing some girls desire, the man increases their chances of success in the sexual question. For example, if a girl is thinking about viewing a certain film in the cinema, a young man can to make her happy with him.
It is more likely to make a girl smile, be interesting to her. The solution of this problem will help the openness of the men, conversations on common topics, search for shared interests, but also a pleasant pastime in a cafe, Park, Museum, club. Thus, adhering to these guidelines, the man can win a woman's heart and, as a consequence, it will be easier to solve the problem of how to have sex with her.