To bring the girl to orgasm, you give her a sense of security and comfort around you. In order for your partner starting to enjoy in bed, she needs to trust the young man. If you just met your friend, give the girl time to get used to you. Moral comfort and tranquility are the main component of woman's orgasm. That is, it is important that the place you make love, it was for your partner comfortable enough that the girl felt him relaxed.
Use special musky Cologne. After all, these smells may increase a woman's libido. Kiss her spine: as a General rule, it gives a great effect. Make sure you do it evenly and smoothly. The harder you kiss, Pat on the back woman, the faster you get Horny your sex partner and the stronger will be her orgasm.
Warm up her feet. According to some scholars, a girl with a well-heated feet is more likely to experience orgasm. And this make her a foot massage, preferably using a warming gel. Pay attention to the fingertips, the space between them – these sites stop are responsible for relieving stress and all the sensations that she gets during sex. Sex need to pay more attention to the degree of excitation of the girls - the only way to give her pleasure.
Do not forget about the erogenous zones of your partner. Watch her reactions in bed. The change in frequency of breathing and moaning enables the partner to identify areas of high sensitivity. Please note that for women sexual intimacy is very important foreplay: petting, kissing and sweet words. This allows the girl to experience sexual arousal and then to relax around you.