Compatibility female Libra with the signs of the air

With a man of his mark the woman-Scales can build a truly harmonious relationship, based on spiritual relationship, but their life together is rarely calm. So as the woman and Libra man is very emotional, between them frequent eruptions of conflict, which, however, does not usually lead to rupture. At the same time, the partners find in their Union and peace, and so necessary to both balance.

Gemini woman-Libra share common traits – impermanence, mood swings and inconsistency. Due to this affinity, this Union is filled with understanding and may well end the marriage. However, for this woman, and the man will have to seriously work at a relationship.

Women's relationships-Libra with Aquarius not so often end with marriage, but the Union is almost always a very passionate and romantic, and partners allow each other to preserve your inner freedom. An obstacle to a long and lasting relationship is usually a lack of reliability of Aquarius.

Compatibility female Libra with the signs of the fire

Women-lovely Libra love compatibility with all the fiery signs of the Zodiac. But a long and strong connection most likely with a male Sagittarius. The woman in this Union would be to safely treat the variability of Sagittarius, and he in return will give her the ease in the relationship and will not push.

A male Lion at the Weights, too, can develop a harmonious relationship. But both are too independent and emotional, so together they are waiting for a stormy showdown. However, if at least one partner is ready to compromise, their Union can be very durable and long lasting.

Compatibility female Libra with the signs of the earth

The best "earthly" partners for a woman-Libra – Capricorn and Taurus. Male-Capricorn appreciates her elegance and femininity, and she in turn admires his determination and perseverance. Together they are able to overcome any difficulties and to build a truly strong relationship.

With Taurus woman-Libra share a love for comfort and pleasures. Both partners know how to enjoy life, and this gives them the opportunity to create a durable and lasting Union. At the same time, the woman in this pair is more outgoing and needs constant contact with other people, whereas a Calf for happiness is not required as close interaction with society. This may be the reason for misunderstanding between partners.

Compatibility female Libra with water signs

The woman-Libra has a pretty good compatibility with Scorpio. But such unions are rare. Relationship with a man of this Zodiac sign can easily break down in the beginning, because Scorpio often discourages its sensitive scale and more aggressive. But if he can discourage it, a female Libra will see in it those qualities which are most valued in men – responsibility, honesty and reliability, and then their Union will have all the chances of success.