Suitable signs

Ideal for men of this zodiac sign — Aries woman. It can completely change the life of the balance, as for its partner, a source of courage and strength. The woman-Aries preserves the individuality of the Scales and receive care.

The female lion is a great partner for men's Weights. They have high compatibility in all spheres of life. It should be noted that in such a pair of leader will be a woman that may lead to certain problems and conflicts. However, if it is not too arrogant, such conflicts eventually completely disappear. Lions and Rams, fit Weights, because they can motivate and encourage the latter to take decisive action.

The Alliance with Aquarius is a very good option for Scales. In this marriage of peace, love, equality and mutual understanding, besides, Libra and Aquarius high sexual compatibility. However, here, as in the case with the Lion, sets the tone for Aquarius, but makes it much softer and more correct.

Weights are not suitable for all

A woman, born under the sign of Taurus, is not an ideal option for couples. However, this Union could be strong enough if Taurus will share the interests of the Weights, but the process should not be one-sided. To make marriage with a female Calf is strong, the Scales you need to learn how to gently direct the energy of your partner in a constructive direction.

Woman-Gemini — another controversial partner for the men's Weights. On the one hand, people born under these zodiac signs are very many points of contact, besides, high sexual compatibility, on the other hand, in such a pair is difficult to achieve a balance, since both Libra and Gemini — dual signs, which are constantly in doubt and anxieties. If the balance is found, such an Alliance can be very strong.

If to speak about the least successful variants of marriage for Libra men, not to say about Virgins. Externally, the Union of Virgo and Libra may look very well, but more often constant quarrels, grievances and conflicts undermine a marriage from the inside. Such quarrels arise because of the corrosive nature of the virgin, her poking and morals, and the indecision and inertia Weights.

Not very suitable for an Alliance and Scorpion woman. Indecision and fear of responsibility on both sides lead to the fact that the partners are not developing and not changing. Marriage for them becomes unbearable, leading to open conflicts and quarrels.