Compression stockings are special underwear (stockings, pantyhose, knee), which creates an external pressure on the tissues of the feet. This pressure is like a "second skin" does not allow the veins to expand and facilitates the contraction of varicose veins, elimination of venous stagnation and acceleration of blood flow. Wearing compression underwear improves the flow of blood to the heart, causing swelling disappear, is reduced or even disappears fatigue and heaviness in the legs. Elastic compression significantly improves the supply of blood, skin, constant massage effect accelerates the metabolism.
Do not assign yourself wearing compression stockings, knee-length socks or tights - it writes out only by a doctor. Visit a specialist, he will determine the stage of the disease and on the basis of its features and character, individually pick up the necessary degree of compression. View compression Jersey (tights, socks, stockings) are selected by the doctor depending on the region, susceptible to the disease.
The knee is assigned when varicose diseases of the leg, as well as in the rehabilitation period after operations on the veins, and removal of sutures. Stockings are recommended for diseases of the veins, concentrated in the knee or in the thigh. The stocking clasps and stockings of compression class III assigned after suffering a thrombosis.
When you buy compression knitwear, pay attention to the following special marks on the packaging.Breathable effect. Fabric (cotton, rubber, lactogen), which is made a compression garment should be air-permeable. This is necessary in order to keep your feet dry. If stockings, socks or tights made from other materials, should not buy such products.Antimicrobial effect and hypoallergenicity. It prevents unpleasant smell.
Remove the product, inspect and touch him, check on the elasticity and defects (e.g., leads). Knitwear should be soft to the touch, good stretch in length and width. Buy the product fit exactly your size.