Regularly perform special exercises to strengthen the blood vessels. To activate blood circulation in small capillaries you can do this exercise: lie on your back, raise arms and legs up at a right angle, and bending them for 5-10 minutes to perform vibrating movements. In addition, to maintain the vessels in good shape will help sports, such as swimming and Cycling.
If you prefer a treatment in medical institutions can go through microsclerotherapy, which is the main method of getting rid of the vascular network. This procedure involves injection with a thin needle into the subcutaneous wreaths a special solution. On average, this procedure required 30 to 90 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the area the vascular network. It is worth noting that after microsclerotherapy need some time to wear compression stockings.
To get rid of the vascular network on the legs, it is possible to use and folk medicine. For example, can be prepared agent based on leaves of Kalanchoe. To do this, take the medicinal leaves of Kalanchoe, rinse them and dry them. Then chop them and place a half-liter jar, pour the brim with warm boiled water and place over a week in a dark place. Next, the jars need to pass through a gauze filter. To RUB his feet every day for 2-3 months, upward direction. It is also quite effective are also considered turpentine baths.
Due to the individual characteristics of the organism vascular mesh on the legs can re-occur after some time. To avoid this, regularly perform exercises to strengthen the legs, eat foods with a low content of cholesterol, try as much as possible to wear shoes with heels. Some in order to prevent recurrence will have to visit an endocrinologist, a gynecologist or phlebologist.