Advice 1: How to remove bulging veins in the legs

Bulging veins in the legs look unsightly. Moreover, usually this phenomenon is accompanied by swelling and soreness. However, varicose veins are treatable and this defect can be eliminated.
How to remove bulging veins in the legs
If not treated varicose veins, in addition to spider veins and bulging veins due to poor blood supply to legs soon formed trophic ulcers. From them is not so easy to get rid of, for this reason, you should make every effort to prevent their occurrence. Often protruding veins man begins to treat with decoctions of herbs, but it does not give results, on the contrary, precious time is lost and the disease becomes more severe stage.


To remove bulging veins in the legs will help compression. It should be worn regularly and for quite a long time. This treatment will help if the varicose veins affected superficial veins. This method will be useless when the disease has spread to the deeper veins. Here we will need more drastic measures.

Innovative methods

To get rid of bulging veins should pay attention to innovative techniques that help to cope with varicose veins at a later time. It is best to consult a doctor-flebolog that podberet the most effective method. So, for example, shows good results radiofrequency ablation, laser vein removal and combination flebectomia.
It is important to know that the first two methods are painless. They give a fairly rapid positive effect. Due to the fact that they are performed without incisions, such methods are more popular among women because after the operation there remains no cosmetic defects. However, flebectomia not less popular because Vienna, the affected has to be removed mechanically through a small incision.


Sometimes for medical reasons the above methods are available, however, from bulging leg veins need to get rid of as soon as possible to in the future will not have serious consequences. In this case, you can use a new technique that is called sclerotherapy. In the process it in the vein, the doctor inserts a special glue sclerosant that fills the vessel. In the result it stops the flow of blood and glued to the vein wall. After this operation the stocking is worn with the optimum level of compression. After some time, the vessel is replaced by connective tissue. This method of removing bulging veins is a highly effective technique that allows the legs to return to health and their lightness.

Advice 2: How to remove the scratches on the car

Large and small stones flying from under the wheels of a car passing and oncoming traffic, hit the paint and cause chips. Such damage should be repaired immediately to prevent corrosion. Try to restore the surface on their own.
How to remove the scratches on the car
You will need
  • Car shampoo, fine abrasive and polishing pastes, tinting wax crayon, a napkin for rubbing, and auto-dash or auto-marker or the set for touch-up chips, consisting of paint and lacquer, toothpick (match), adhesive tape or masking tape, sandpaper No. 2000, solvent, rust Converter.
Correctly choose the color of paint and grease pencil to repair. This is extremely important for local car repairs. If the chip long, treat it with rust Converter. Thoroughly wash damaged area with car shampoo. Otherwise you'll have to degrease this place, for example, benzine, white spirit or vodka. Dry the surface.
If the damage is only chipped paint, and the primer has not disappeared, put on a chip abrasive polishing paste. Wait 5-10 minutes and power trowel the area. It will zapolirovat. Then treat the injury fine polishing paste. The chip will be invisible. In this way you can efficiently align height and color of even a fairly large scratches.
If the paintwork is damaged along with the primer to the metal or repulsed plot wide before polishing gently apply to the location of the chip a bit of paint in the color of the car. Allow paint to dry. Next, apply the damage to the polishing with abrasive paste. Dry it for 5-10 minutes, then RUB and Polish it with fine polishing paste.
Use to conceal chips, wax crayon. Paint over cracked paint, remove with a tissue excess wax and Polish the location of the chip until smooth. Durability of such treatment is low. Probably going to have to repeat.
Remove the damage using the set for touch-up chips. In order not to smear the excess around the pre-paste over the damaged area around the perimeter of the adhesive tape or masking tape. Use this kind of protection after the repair can easily be removed from the surface of the car. Tint in two or three layers. Coat of paint make fine. Let dry and paint again. If just does not work smoothly and beautifully, or left stains, remove excess paint by blotting it with a cloth soaked in solvent. Dry the paint. Cover the top layer of varnish. If the chip is small, apply a drop of paint on the toothpick or sharpened match. In an hour – a drop of varnish. 3-7 days protruding nail Polish with emery paper # 2000, then abrasive and fine polishing pastes.
Repair chips spend at a minimum temperature of 15 degrees, in dry weather, or indoors.
Useful advice
In the case of deep chips and scratches, as a rule, require more complex repair using filler, primer, paint and lacquer. And sometimes repainting the whole part. Contact a specialized shop.

Advice 3: How to treat veins on the legs

The appearance of spider veins on the legs means that the state of your capillaries deteriorated. This is due to a number of reasons: a big load on her feet, poor diet, poor circulation, bowel and liver, large weight gain, excessive sun, alcohol etc.
How to treat veins on the legs
You will need
  • - cherry;
  • - cherries;
  • juices;
  • - Apple cider vinegar (home);
  • green tomatoes;
  • - cabbage leaves;
  • - Linden flowers;
  • - Valerian root;
  • - oak bark;
  • Melissa;
  • - chamomile;
  • - calendula.
If you have the legs appeared vascular asterisks, add a diet of berries of cherries, natural juices. During the day give more rest your feet. Try at least 2 times a day to lie down for 20-30 minutes, lifting them as high as possible. In the case when you have to sit a lot during the day, use a foot stand (15-20 cm tall). If you most of the time standing, often paramenides from foot to foot, move your fingers, pripodnimaet on tiptoe.
Engage in physical exercise. They can help to strengthen blood vessels and leg muscles, improve their tone and improve venous outflow.
Exercise 1. Stand straight, feet spread at 15-20 cm. Slowly lift the heel of 5-6 cm from the floor and dramatically lower them back. Repeat 12-15 times.
Exercise 2. Move the body weight on toes, lifting heels off the floor. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds. Slowly move the body weight on the heels, lifting socks from the floor, and fix the position of the body for 2-3 seconds. Do the exercise for a minute.
Exercise 3. Do walking in place: lift your heels slightly and keep your socks from the floor. Duration of exercise 4-5 minutes.
Exercise 4. Raise your right leg, bending your knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Perform rotational motion foot first inside, then out (30 seconds in each direction). Repeat the exercise with the left foot. Do 2-3 sets.
Exercise 5. First, lift the right leg off the floor and slightly shake it (4-6 seconds), then left. Perform 3-4 approach.
After exercise it is recommended to do a contrast shower for the legs, at least 3-4 minutes on each leg.
One of the best known ways of dealing with spider veins on the legs is the use of home-made Apple vinegar. Wipe them trouble spots within one month 3 times a day.
Well suited for the treatment of green tomatoes. Cut them into circles and attach to the appearance of spider veins, then secure with a bandage. Carry out the procedure 1-2 times a day, lasting no more than three minutes.
Very helpful in treating this disease is to use cabbage leaves. Before use, scald them with boiling water, wrap in plastic wrap and put in the day in the refrigerator. Remove from the refrigerator the necessary quantity of leaves and, putting the problem areas, fix them with a bandage overnight. To enhance the therapeutic effect, lubricate before that stars Apple cider vinegar, let it dry and then apply the cabbage.
Well help herbal baths. If stars cause itching and burning, is of great benefit bath of Linden flower, lemon balm and Valerian root. Mix equal parts of Linden flowers and lemon balm and mix thoroughly, measure out half a Cup of the resulting collection. Fill it with 1.5 liters of boiling water and put aside. Then pour 200 ml of boiling water 1 tbsp. chopped Valerian root and let stand for 12-15 minutes. Then connect together both the broth and take a bath for 25-30 minutes, diluted if necessary with cool water.
Make a bath of decoction of oak bark and chamomile. Pour boiling water in a bowl, the chopped oak bark (3 tablespoons per 0.5 liters of water), the other chamomile (100 g on 1 l of water). Steep for 2 hours. Strain the broth and mix them together. Take a bath for 30-35 minutes.
A strong therapeutic effect bath with pine needle. During the 10 minute boil on a slow fire in a liter of water 2 cups of pine needles. Then strain, add the infusion of chamomile (100 g on 1 l of water) and, if necessary, dilute with cold water. The duration of the procedure 30-40 minutes.
A very useful compress of herbal infusions of chamomile and calendula (1 tablespoon per 0.2 l of water). Mix 100ml of each infusion and add 1 liter of boiling water, leave for at least an hour.
Before using the above means and methods of treatment, please consult your physician. Do not self-medicate.

Advice 4: How to remove excess fat

The secret to a perfect figure - in the absence of body fat. Body shape can be round, but if they are firm and do not droop under the weight of the fat, it's all right. But with the excess weight need to fight, because excessive obesity can lead to serious health problems. If you ask for and not to wait for momentary result, it is possible to remove excess fat from problem areas, it needs only to approach the problem comprehensively.
to get rid of fat will help workout in the fitness center
Start with the diet. It is not necessary to replace it by starvation: the body, frightened by the loss of a food source, will not waste subcutaneous fat, but rather will start to make new fat reserves for a rainy day. Your diet should be more of a way of life. Just don't use sweet and starchy foods, try to eat fruits in the morning, take food in small portions but frequently to not to experience hunger. Remember about the natural fat burners: pineapples, grapefruit, broccoli. But not zloupotreblyat them so as not to cause stomach problems.
In parallel with the diet daily exercise. Belly fat is best removed with the aid of the figures a Bicycle when you are lying on your back with hands behind head, twist the legs in the air imaginary pedal. Be sure to swing press, squat, twist the Hoop.
Try anti-cellulite and fat burning massage with special oils and creams for weight loss that are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. Use a massager or RUB the skin with bath glove. To do these procedures better under a hot shower or in the bath.
- Remember that fat cells don't disappear, they just shrink, so keep yourself in shape you will need to constantly.
Useful advice
- If you want to lose weight, drink more, sometimes the body is thirsty and we take these signals for hunger.
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