If the subject of your interest does not notice you, being with you in the same company, there can be two options – either he really ignores you, and does it consciously or not willing to show his emotions. Maybe he's too concerned about his image and thinks you are unworthy to make him a couple to recognize narcissistic vanity is easy. He above all values its status, always tries to emphasize their individuality and openly despises people who are not aware. Such "copy" should be left alone and not disturb him to enjoy the contemplation of his own "merit".

Too shy guys can hide behind, ignoring your obvious interest just because of indecision, but you will always notice some barely noticeable signs of attention in your direction. If you don't treat subtle people use reconnaissance – inquire through friends and friends. And then just take the first step – unobtrusive, playful, playing, not to scare fan of his emotion.

Ignoring the due resentment to overcome difficult. First we need to understand the reason of exclusion, identify the perpetrators and try to fix the situation. If the offense is fair, you should find ways to ask forgiveness is difficult, as he will be diligent to avoid contact. For a start use non-verbal means of communication – emails, messages on social networks. The risk that he will send them to the trash without even reading, there is, but often natural curiosity outweighed and your voice will be heard.

If the guy decided to leave you this way, "in English," you may not immediately guess about it – we just didn't have the courage to tell you all in the eye. To recognize the finality of his intentions is simple – he can get tired of your obsession with her and clarify the situation, or maybe just stand your ground. Believe me, if on your part there were no major failures, it's just a breakup. In any case, analysis of the situation will not prevent, get rid of insecurity and think, is it worth spending time and breaking your heart for the sake of "not your" man.